Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honoring the description of the blog!

OK...so, I was reading and checking the blog and found out that even though it says "photography try outs" I've never ONCE! uploaded or shared anything of mine over here! so I'll just choose some random pictures and post them here... hope to continue doing it more often!

If you're wondering what this is...is candy being boiled to later become all sorts of sugar, sweets, and more from Sugar Cane or CAÑA as we know it here in spanish :D

 Grams Garden

This last one taken while reading Cassie's book WHILE the lights were out meaning we didn't have any electricity but DON'T PANICK! I had candles to help with that!So that's it for pictures of mine taken at random places :D remember I'm no profesional nor anything... um but I do enjoy taking pictures wherever I go! :D

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