IMMB#3 the I-don't-like-how-I-sound&look edition I'm sick :(

Remember IMMB is hosted by The Story Siren she rocks!

-This is what I got this week...and yeap, NO BOOKS~sinks to the floor and cries~

Thanks to Rachel from Fiktshun I LOVE YOU!
and be sure to check out Leah Clifford's  Mortal Portal she has great stuff there!
What did YOU get in your mail boxes?


  1. I love the shirt. It's so awesome! I may have to get one too. I hope you didn't get into trouble going to class with a Kiss My Az shirt. But it's awesome.

    I hope you get your books by next weekend. I know how awful it is to have to wait and wait for books you're hoping will arrive in your mailbox and then they never show.

    I'll be sure to stop by next week to see just what arrived in yours. :)

  2. haha I got sick Rachel T-T so that meant no school for me on monday and tuesday completely forgot about putting it on so then I have wednesday!

    OMG!! this week's IMMB is already awesome!! but I'm still waiting...and waiting...
    thanks for stopping by


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