-review- Ashfall by Mike Mullin

 --I found myself yawning and sleepy only a few hours later. There was no point in fighting it-the nightmares that haunted my dreams would beat the waking nightmare my life had become-so I let myself drift back to sleep--

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Mike Mullin= Genious!
It's one of the most amazing reads of this year and one you simply cannot miss!

There's no cake before the hit, no preamble as to what you'll witness-not see- but seriously witness in the next sentence. So obviously by the time I was on chapter 3...let's just say that hyperventilation is an understatement.
The World as we know it ceased to exist that friday.
Alex thought it'll be one of his greatest weekends since he finally won an argument with his mom, he'll stay in the house when his parents along with his sister Rebecca went on a trip.
Making a promise to himself after the events on that friday, Alex goes on a journey that any other day would've taken 2 hours but now it didn't even seem likely he'd made it there alive.
Making friends and a few enemies on his way he learns to appreciate every breath he's able to take, ever blink of his eyes, every bite of food in his mouth, and even a face-unfamiliar or not-to look at.
In the worst situation possible for an alone 15 year old, without your family and friends you get a real scoop of the true nature of the people you thought you knew.

When I thought I could have peace and my heart rate slowed down BOOM! another catastrophy!
At some point I thought, "wow this is a really big-large-book!" and that I'd be reading more and more of the same but God!! was I wrong!

Mullin's writting kept my heart rate so high I seriously was scared for my health!
As for what I felt while reading this book?
-I cried for whole new reasons while reading the book.
-2 times I jumped out of my skin and seat while reading due to little earthquakes here in my country!¬¬
-One of the most realistic, heartbreaking, cruel, and beautiful books I've ever read. The rawness of it all didn't let me relax for one bit.
-The first book ever that left me wondering WHAT IF???
-The enormity of the story crushed all the pages from the book!

I never thought I could get to dislike pork more than I do but I think Mullin got the job done pretty well.

All in all the characters all where perfectly described and written beautifully!!

And well what I kept from the book?
That life can change in the blink of an eye. That we all have craziness inside us it's just that nothing bad enough has happened for us to notice. That money is just paper; one day you have it, the next you simply don't. But above everything else to not EVER NEVER take anything for granted!

What will you be willing to do, give, and sacrifice when your survival is at stake? Will it include your humanity?

A book that's realistic in one of the most terrifying ways...
Do yourself a favor and don't miss this book for anything!

I give it the
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.


  1. Por favor, Alba, no se muera! Okay, I'm sure I just completely murdered that Spanish, but you get the idea :).

  2. Great review Alba! I must get this book now!!

  3. haha Mike! you didn't murder it y bueno, no me mori! how can I die when you got a sequel coming out uh?! I got it and hope you also got mine about what an incredible book you wrote, made, and nailed!

    @Destiny thanks so much, that means a lot to me!

  4. Ok I'm in. I'll be looking for this one. You make it sound like something I can't possibly miss. Following you too!

  5. @Elle thanks so much for stopping by! and believe me you'll love this to no end!

  6. Wow, great review! I love it when I read glowing reviews like this of books. Ashfall sounds totally awesome, adding it to my tbr! :)

  7. @Ashley thank you so much...I tried not to give away anything from the book...hehe being vage and all. But I'm so happy that you're adding it to your tbr list...believe me it won't disappoint...
    thanks for stopping by!

  8. wow! your review is oozzing with WOW factor for the book. Now I wonder why I haven't heard of this book before. This is definitely go with my list of books to hunt and read! Great review!

  9. @Blackplume!
    thanks for stopping by, yes I've been wondering the same thing. Hopefully when the official release comes it'll get the attention it deserves, believe me you've GOT to read this asap!


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