~review~ The Girl Next Door by Selene Castrovilla

~”Death can never rob us of the love we give away”~

If that first quote there doesn’t strike to your heart and doesn’t even twitch your heart then nothing ever will…
Grace girl! again can’t thank you enough for encouraging me to read this book.
And just so you know… this is the second book of Selene I read AND a signed one so…yeap I’m in heaven allright!
I read earlier in another book how someone thought how it was so much better to feel angry, anger, resentment,etc. Instead of sadness and pain.
Well I agreed while reading that other book…but yet again Selene managed to strike right through all my shields and barriers and went to the heart and soul.
Samantha isn’t just another YA character out there… is a girl that can be very well any of ous out here in the real world with the real problems and the real tears beeing shed for real best friends that are slipping through our fingers and taken away from us by any kind of sikness… this book right here… is real, raw, sad, and cruel. Nevertheless, is passionate and amazing in a way that only Selene has managed so far.
Jesse, where to begin? He’s a guy, he’s sick, he’s tired, he doesn’t know where his dad is, he doesn’t want to do anything with anybody but Sam but still feels alone and lonely even with her always by her side. Is painfull to watch but you can never get away from it…not even in the most heart-wrenching scenes between the 2 main characters…you just can’t…you completely fall in love with this two and I promise you they will stay with you long after finishing this reading.
I cried, the hard ugly nasty way…and I’m not ashamed of it…I am again gratefull to Selene for not being afraid to write about this and have the courage to end it as it would end in real life…even if I didn’t like it… it’s real…it happens…we all have to deal with it one way or another.
Surrendering doesn’t mix with giving up.
My Feelings—
I was a DISASTER, there’s no other way to put it…my heart was shredded to pieces once, twice…I lost count…but since the very first line of the book till the very last period…I was a complete mess.
I always tend to find some pieces of myself in the characters of each and every book I read and this, believe me, was no exception.
You know I also cry tons while reading…this book gave me a very bad case of puffy eyes and snotty nose.
So after reading this and crying myself to sleep I came to different conclusions as to what I’d do were I in Sams possition…So, I made this promise to myself and mom/dad even if only in the darkness adn the loneliest hours of the night. For you both I’ll try; I’ll try to let go of the anger so I don’t miss and pass on all the beauty and love that’s constantly around and sorrounding me.
It was hard understanding such a difficult character as Sam…but again.
Love can move more than mountains, even when you think there isn’t an ounce left in you to give…love doesn’t run out, doesn’t go to waste, isn’t selfish, and can speak more than words.
Life is hard, it passes, it ends, it’s good while it lasts, and we have to make the best of it while we have the gift of it.
Death, whether we see it coming, feel it, witness it, is death all the same. It can be hard, cruel, and can strike when you less see it coming.
Hope comes with love and patience, hope can always restore even the darkest heart and mind. Hope is the last thing that needs to be lost. Hope is light.
And friendships, promises, time…all this plus the others combined can result in the saving of a person’s soul, make her/him sane and giving her/him the strength when they think all is lost. You can do it, you’re not alone NEVER, you have time, love, the strength and the means and You can go on… not even death and it’s darkness will last forever… enjoy while you can, live at your fullest and be strong for those who think they can’t be. 
Sorry…got carried away… in the end another piece of art from Selene…thanks for writing and giving us the chance to enjoy it.
5/5~it deserves more than this…~