Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~review~ My Soul to Steal by Rachel Vincent

“Anger is great. It's powerful, when you need something to hold you up. Something to steel your spine. But in the dark, when you're alone with the truth, anger can't survive. The only thing that can live in the dark with you is fear.” 

Because I know the release of the 5th book ~If I Die~ is coming I decided to share with you my review on the previous book... My Soul to Steal... 4 on the Soul Screamers series...
Kaylee...I really don't know if I should slap her or kiss her...
but I fully understand her...on the fact involving Nash...(her maybe-ex-or-not boyfriend)
when someone crushes all the trust you have for her/him specially the one who's had your back more counts that you can possibly remember...and love so much it really is a pain...

how can you forgive and trust that person again??
beeing Nash the one that did that to Kaylee must've sucked for her...
bringing Sabine in the picture...ok!!NOT COOL!!
I didn't like her since I start reading about her in the book...I STILL DO NOT LIKE HER...REPEATING...DO NOT LIKE HER ONE TINY BIT...and hate Nash for so bluntly liking and caring for her...

Nash obviously still loves Kaylee...and Alec!!yum!!
Avari!!please disapear from existance will you??
this book was FULL OF PAIN!! so you're in for a really painful ride...but the again what book doesn't lately'?

this time...Kaylee doesn't just have to deal with someone trying to steal Nash away from her...but someone stealing herself too!!(even I didn't uderstand that last sentece)
if it means what I think it means...then I damn!! cuz I wouldn't like to choose between the 2 (hot-lovely) brothers...

Kaylee still proves STRONG...BRAVE...INDEPENDENT...yet still manages to be FRAGILE-BREAKABLE-INNOCENT-therefore the envy that Sabine crealy has towards her...
& please let's just not leave dear bff EMMA out of the picture!! I like the fact that she's FINALLY in on everything that really goes on with Kaylee and her daily life...
so...loved-hated this book!
nightmares are a strong point in the book...everything revolves around them and what they represent---

making it short?
your deepest and darkest secrets...
when strange stuff starts happening(again) in Kay's high school...who has to come and save the day??
OBVIOUSLY her...and her gang...wich I'm gratefull still consists on NASH & TOD(sighs)~who may I add!!has a starring role in this book!!~
but now is bigger and fuller with SABINE(ugh)EMMA and YEI!!!!THE NEW FURRY THINGS!!wich I'm dying to have!!!

definitely a read you CAN NOT MISS!!!for anything!

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