IMMB#5&6 The better-late-than-never/long video/I'm too happy/thank you-edition ;)

This is what I got last week and part of this week.
I thought I wouldn't continue with the In My Mail Box meme by The Story Siren but here I am, thanks to a friend-Michelle- LOL!
Again, both posts -Just Arrived- and -Gotten Recently- will be posted JUST over at the Facebook page...only when there's like a special delivery or something I just won't be able to wait to show to you guys, will I post both features here in the blog.
In the mean time, here's the video-sorry it's longer than my usual ones and sorry it's so dark T_T at night is the only time I could actually get this done.-

If you're still with me here's the list of what I got, links send you directly to goodreads.

What Did YOU get in YOUR mail boxes?!


  1. Fabulous mailbox!

    Alba - You. Are. Simply. Adorable!

    I'm so happy that you've decided to keep up with doing the IMM's. I do them as well. Sometimes they are via video but usually not. I'm not comfy on camera. Haha.

    Seriously though, I really adore how much you appreciate others and each and every time someone sends you a gift. There are so many others out there that just "expect" it. (that infuriates me!) Those folks have no respect and obviously no appreciation for the authors, pubs and the novels themselves. It will end up giving all of us bloggers a bad name if it doesn't get under control. The greediness has got to stop and you my dear are like a breath of fresh air in that department! :))

    My IMM is up at:

    There are also a few guest posts up this week by various bloggers/authors that you should check out. Rachel is one of them. The link to her post is:

    Have a super day and Happy Reading!

  2. AMY
    thank you...I'm not comfortable on camera either...hence my nervousness BUT I'm trying to get this-shyness thing- over and what other better way to do so than with...BOOKS!
    Thank you so much, I appreciate each and every single thing that's sent to me...and remember each and every person/blog/author that was kind enough to send's all in the details for me... Rachel sending me that bookmark just because was T_T you HAVE to look at my previous post JUST ARRIVED there are pics of me daydreaming with that bookmark.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    and YES I saw that guest post with Rachel but haven't read them...YET thanks for the links I'll check them out after class!

  3. This was so awesome. And I love how you say "that's all" you got this past couple of weeks. You got tons of amazing stuff! Love all those signed bookmarks. And tons of swag. That's so awesome!

    You have to keep doing these IMMb's :)

    I'll be sure to watch them all!

  4. @Fiktshun
    -gulp- thanks for stopping by...specially in this one IMMB >.<
    YEY! I'll keep doing them :)
    ~thanks for the bookmarks!!~

  5. The body Finder!! ahh I love that series!! :)

    AND the SOUL SCREAMERS series! LOVE LOVE LOVE that series as well!

    Ohh you got Brenda's two books! I have the emerald talisman... I just have to find time to read it! haha.

    I hope you enjoy all of your books!! :)

  6. Jena TBF is awesome! plus you got The Pledge!!!
    >.< and already read it! *-*

    I was lucky with Brenda's second book and THE SOUL SCREAMERS is my current trauma!

    thanks for stopping by!

  7. Oh my goodness you got such awesome stuff this week! So jealous!!

  8. thank you Christi! awww~smiles proudly~ you're jealous?! that's gotta be a first for me!

  9. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog. Angel Fire is out here in the UK now I am not sure if it is out where you are and it may have a different name. As in the US Angel Burn was Angel here in the UK!

  10. @Megan!!!HI!!!I always stop by your blog whenever I can thanks for coming!
    And sadly...not many YA come here to my country...I knowwwww about Angel Fire though I've been wanting it sooo bad...I actually found Angel via Book Passion for Life blog and I knew I had to have it...didn't even know it wasn't out in the US so when I asked for it at my local bookstore they just brought it here for me...I paid...-now that I know-more than I should have but I have the UK now I want the UK of Angel Fire! so no worries...I'm going with the UK covers with these books!


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