Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just Arrived #1

I'm crying, the nasty-running-nose-all-over-the-place crying!
This day would have been perfect if not for my little visit to the orthodontist~my teeth hurt~
Happy tears, thoughts, hugs, love and everything possitive your way!
I'm on heaven, moon and stars be d****d!

Now on to my reaction after opening the envelope containing the Soul Screamers bookmark

Fiktshun sent the If I Die/Soul Screamers SIGNED Bookmark

 After freaking out I decided to, well, take a pic of the whole mail I got today! :)

Now on with different lightning

Author Megan Curd for agreeing on sending me the Forbidden SIGNED bookmarks 
Book Nerd sent all the JamesVallesteros's designed bookmarks
The Body Finder SIGNED bookmark
Captivated an Affliction novel SIGNED bookmark
Clarity SIGNED bookmark
Laney SIGNED bookmark

But in the end I just couldn't stop staring at a certain bookmark...because seriously? I think I'm too lucky for my own good at this precise moment!

This is what JUST ARRIVED today...Has anything Just Arrived in YOUR Mail?

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