Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Photographic Inspiration #1

Yes people, that's part of the moon...

This shot, sadly, wasn't taken this week but it was one of the few I haven't posted over in the BookPics Facebook Page.

Anyways... this is the photo inspiration for me this week.[I love that out of all the dark black sky that night...there was, somewhere, somehow a light.]
It seriously inspired me to think about what I'm afraid of, the dark? The light?
But going back to the question...Dark? Light?
I know that most people are afraid of the dark contrary to daylight. 
Turns out I'm so weird that even in that I don't agree with those of you that feel that way.
I'm completely terrified of daylight, because I can actually see every little thing that comes across my path at any given -daylight- time. So I much prefer night time, when anything might try and spook me but it won't because I won't be able to see a thing. What can I say? I seriously think ignorance is a complete bliss!

Found any inspiration on this week's photo?

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