-review- A Season of Eden by Jennifer Laurens

-"Don't you have a boyfriend?" I shook my head, fingering my bag. "That surprises me," he said.
"Because I seem like a girl that would have a guy around?" I finished.
"No." He started toward the light switch and I followed. "In my experience, the beautiful girls are always taken."-

WOW! just WOW-makes the wow face-
This book people, this book is just a complete season on it's own, it isn't fall or winter, nor summer or spring it's a whole other season concept and one I might forever be in love with and forever be waiting to happen in my life or at least in my country's weather ;)
Jennifer Laurens you made this book a complete piece of art for me.

Since the beginning of the book I felt all warm inside; predicting that I was in for a h*** of a book.
Eden was/is/will be one of my favorite characters and one very very real character.
Since she sets her eyes on Mr.Christian she suddenly has a thing for all things mature.(Having a crush on a guy who has a first name for a last name is not to be passed for normal)
As for my Feelings while reading the book->
Sometimes I couldn't even know when all these feelings, that Eden had, came from. Her instant crush on that person made me uneasy at first, I mean, we all experience crushes at one time in our life but hers felt just like, at the beginning, like an obssession, a really really unhealthy obsession. Hence the stalking she did, the always thinking what would he be thinking, would be listening to? The list goes on and on...
But then things started to look normal, and then BOOM!
She was my hero, she started to grow up, trying to-without changing what she was, who she was-started questioning all her actions, their concecuences, her decisions always better thought.
In the end, music-age-love all blend together to make the awesome symphony that is A Season of Eden.
Jennifer's writing was beautiful through out the whole book, describing and giving us glimpses of just the right amount of emotions, the right amount of the scenery, and a really large and really welcomed dose of music backround.

When you THINK you have found the one for you, but feel that you're not good enough, that you're not OLD ENOUGH, that you're simply out of his league...think again...and then, think some more...maybe you're not thinking right...maybe this time you have to let HIM do the thinking and you? Well just follow the music that your heart makes...it always takes you to the right path wich, while right, isn't always the easiest.

I give this book the 10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book)


  1. Thanks so much for reading! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the book and it resonated so deeply with you! x x

  2. awww thanks so much for stopping by Jennifer, it means a lot to me. The book was just fantastic!


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