I had to share...

So, you all followers of mine know or at least have to know a bit of my love for Beth Ravis author of Across The Universe and A Million Suns, yes I'm a silent stalker of hers...and I'm in love with her first book(because I haven't read the second one) and after I won, definitely marking me forever, one of her giveaways...there was no turning back!

I mean how could I not freak out if she sent a SIGNED PB copy of AtU and really cool swag?! So now here we are again...her being always awesome when doing a giveaway AND now I think...she completely has lost it with the prizes!

So take a look at it!!!

And for every entry she'll donate to charity(up until 1000)! SEE?! I told you she was awesome! 
So go there enter and I wish you the best of luck! I really hope to get ANY no matter...(though I'd die for a copy of AMS) what because that's just how great all the stuff she's giving away is...
What are you still doing here?!