IMM#12 Merry EARLY Christmas to ME&YOU

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Oh, God. After 3 weeks IMM-less I'm finally here with that times' worth of books, believe me.
I have to warn you the vlog is a little longer than my usual 15 minutes you've been warned. But I'd be so completely happy if you could get to watch it all...because I'm more than excited for all these books I got >.<

Nat Cleary, there are simply too many tears at bay there...but hope you get how much I thank you for the christmas presents and the surprise book too!
Author A.Jacob Sweeny for the impromptu christmas present believe me it was a complete surprise!
and Rachel from FIKTSHUN as I told Tahereh I haven't been the same person since I finished reading Shatter Me and that was and is and will always be thanks to you T-T so thank you!

The ebooks I got are more than the ones I mentioned on the video T-T see? I was too excited and literally forgot to mention them so I'll leave the other 3 for next week's IMM if I happen not to get anything in the mail.


Thanks to Haley from Ya-Aholic for the recommendation :D

Thanks to author Tammara Webber & also to Rachel@Fiktshun for this book I'm almost done and believe me guys, it's amazing. Somehow I ended up being gifted this twice and don't know how or if what I did will work...hehe I know next to nothing about what to do on those cases...

Anyways this is all the awesome I got this past week! Can you believe it? All this on a week I'm more than happy, believe me!

What did YOU beautiful people get in your mail boxes?


  1. Wow I think you've beaten my longest video record, I have one somewhere that's like 20 minutes.
    Nat has gotten me lockdown for Xmas to which I also added to my wish list because of Rachel, I'm so excited for it!
    I reeeeally want to get the faerie ring, maybe after xmas since my ban is up :)
    Oh and I can just imagine you jumping round the bookstore when you saw there was new books haha

    You'll have to go find my IMM cuz I don't have the link right now lol there isn't much on it anyway lol :)

  2. @Mist!! ^-^ you went through the video?!! OMG! ~hats off to you~ hahahah yey! I won on the longest video!! but I'm sure you'll be giving me a run for my money later I have a hunch haha
    Yey! Nat rocks! She's amazing! and well obviously Rachel has that kind of effect on us...couldn't help it!
    Faerie Ring!! hope you get it! I went officially like a month and a bit more without buying books so hope you can get it later!!!

    I know! I freaked out the store clerks and all the other book lovers buying there lol >.< that new-books-on-shelves never happens or almost never hehehe

    I'll go find it now! always looking forward to se what you've gotten!
    thanks for stopping by! It means a lot!!

  3. Woah! Long video! Seems like you had an amazing week in books too! Yay!! Books make me happy!
    The cover of Exiled is swoon-worthy!

    -Sana @ Breathing Books

  4. Yay~ awesome books you got here! I haven't heard of them so ill check them out! Happy Reading~

    Jay @ We Fancy Books

  5. Aw so glad you received some books. Happy Reading!

  6. HI Alba, great haul, Exiled is on my IMM too last week. hope youenjoy them!


    thansk for dropping by my imm.xx

  7. I'm not sure what books you got, except for the ebooks because my internet is kinda slow today so I'm avoiding videos.

    However, the cover of Exiled is gorgeous! I hope the inside is as awesome has the outside.

    Merry Christmas and Happy Reading! :-)

  8. You got a fantastic haul. I'm in love with the cover of Exiled. I hope it's great, I've heard wonderful things about it.

    Enjoy your books!

    My IMM

  9. Awesome set of books you got this week. I got my copy of Shatter Me from Rachel as well. I loved it.

  10. @Sana AGREED! I still cannot believe how many books I got *-*
    and I loooooove Exiled book cover!

    @Jay, you mean the ebooks? both pictures link to their goodreads page so you can check them out :)

    @Mundie Moms, T_T you're commenting on my blog???? this cannot be happening! T_T thank you!

    @Lalaine, thank you and I will!

    @April (BooksandWine), aww that's okay...resuming? Wolfsbane, Shatter Me, The Faerie Ring, Fateful, Hades, Crossed, Lockdown, Die For Me, Raised by Wolves... >.< and so on and thank you!!

    @Stepping Out of the Page, -kia- I know >.< I hope I enjoy Exiled too!! that cover!!!

    @Kristina, T_T thank you!! really? Rachel's goodness is really bigger than I can imagine!!!I devoured it and loved every single letter written on it!!

    than you ALL for stopping by!!!!!!!
    Hope you have a very merry christmas and happy new year!! >.< HAPPY READING!!!!

  11. Yay for books! Lots of amazing ones! Hope you love them!

  12. @Candace >.< I'm hoping that too!! thanks for stopping by!

  13. wow this is one long video i wasnt sure i was gonna make through the whole think but i did ur have some amazing one there happy happy reading hooe u enjoy them all!

  14. Awesome books this week! I have Wolfsbane and Lockdown too but haven't had the time to read them yet :( I loved Shatter Me too! And definitely agree Rachel is one of the most generous people out there :) Hope you enjoy all of these, happy reading!

  15. @Nature History Books, T_T I'm sorry I really stunk this time...making it all long T_T but I really can't help myself when it comes to books...if you've ever watched my previous vlogs you'll see I'm almost never able to make them short T_T but thank you! and thanks for stopping by!

    @April X, thank you!!! hope we both get to read Wolfsbane and Lockdown soon enough!!!
    I know right? Shatter Me was full of awesomeness!
    Rachel is an angel!! >.<
    thank you and thanks for stopping by!!

  16. Great books! I love The Black Dagger Brotherhood books and I really need to receive my copy of Shatter Me.
    Reading Fictional

  17. Wow, that is probably one of the most awesome hauls I have ever seen. Every second of this video was worth it to see how much you are in love with your books. :)

    Here is my commentary as I was watching:

    I absolutely LOVED Shatter Me. I know exactly how you felt trying to describe the awesome. ;)

    Is that a paperback of Die For Me???? I wish I had a paperback!!!!

    I haven't heard of The Taker, but it looks and sounds good. I'll have to be on the lookout for it.

    I'm so jealous about The Faerie Ring! I soooo want a copy of that! I'm on the waitlist at the library but they are taking FOREVER to process it. It'll have to be my next purchase, for sure.

    Congrats on this wonderful batch! You definitely made up for the past three weeks!

    Thanks for stopping by my IMM and enjoy the books. :D

  18. @Adriana >.< I've been told that so much is really like a way of dying...not having the first books T_T thank you for commenting!

    @thewannabeknight I think I'm in love with your comment T_T~sobs~ thank you!! I really love all my books more than what'd be normal loving!! lol
    love all your reactions!! >.<
    -Shatter me!! agreed!
    -Yes, that's a paperback right there!! >.<
    -Oh the author is really lovely you can reach her on facebook.The US cover of The Taker is green hehe
    -~innocent smile~ I wouldn't know of libraries...we don't have any here but hope you can get TFR soon!!

    thank you so much!! yes!! those past 3 weeks were endless!!

    don't thank me!! love stalking your imm posts :D
    thank YOU for stopping by!!


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