-review- Daughter of Smoke & Bone

-With the infinite patience of one who has learned to live broken, he awaited her return.-

Laini Taylor! What an amazing talent and gift you have.

Karou is a character I'll be forever grateful I met. She's incredibly awesome with her strong persona and the blue hair which, in my opinion, is the coolest thing EVER.
Akiva, where do I even start?
I don't know how or when I just know that my heart goes to him. He made the word ANGEL take on a whole new meaning and made me want to fly.
Every single character, I assure you, You'll love!
The whole book wouldn't be this awesome and one of the best I've read this year, and simply PERFECT if it wasn't full of ugly beasts. strange angels, and a whole lot of wishes.

I won't say a single thing about the plot. You know me it's all about the teasing and well...you knowing how the book made me feel.
And yes it's set on...Prague :D you'll love it! It's beautiful and full of color and light and darkness :D

-The sun climbed above the hills and she watched as its glow herded night into the shadows where it gathered, all the darker for its density--all of night crowded into the slanting places beyond the reach of dawn.-

My poor thoughts and feelings-
I was all over the book, all over the characters, all over the place and died at the end.
Yeap that sums up well enough just how this book rocked and kept on rocking my world even after days of finishing it!
First of all, the names! I loved each and every single name that author Laini Taylor used in the book. The setting was getting even more and more lovelier by the minute.
I will NEVER EVER take a wish for granted EVER again, teeth O_O I worship my teeth every single day now! will never think of the law of gravity lightly EVER. Will never see darkness as something you cannot see but something you can obviously see...even more than light.
War is awful, it got me thinking and to relate it to the actual days of ours, where everyone and everything tries to be solved by war. What's wrong with the other options? Talking? Taking it easy? Counting to 10 or even 1000?

-..."It's not peace. Peace is more than the absence of war. Peace is accord. Harmony."-

It also got me thinking...never to judge a person by looks only, even the ugliest of creatures to me is the most beautiful for another. The book is just THAT amazing taking you from one thought and scene to another character and a classroom; Looks deceive, wishes are lethal, flying is a given, hand prints are dreaded, and of course what would a book be without me CRYING OVER IT?
When the person you love the most is the enemy of your kind, has blood on his/her hands, sees war as his/her only purpose in life, kills for a living while devoting him/herself solely to you, has the most smooth tender hands, lips, and eyes you've ever laid your eyes on, and loves you so completely that is willing to give you up just for your own peace of mind and safety even if it kills him/her...
Then you've got yourself just a tiny sneak peek at what you're getting yourself into when picking up and reading this book.
Fights, love, memories, blue, wishes, wings, angels, and...other not so angels, 2 moons, awesome chapter tittles, chimaeras, a KILLER ending and way more...Daughter of Smoke & Bone is just that...a girl that is who she is because of the smoke and bones that surround her.

-HUGE AND SPECIAL THANKS TO: Elena from A World of Words who was awesome enough to receive the US version of the book in her house and then send it to me. And Nat T-T who sent me a UK-PB-ARC of it T-T girls thank you both so very much, the review wouldn't even exist if it weren't for you two! Now I won both covers ~cries~. -

I give this book
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.


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