-review- Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi

-I'm an encyclopedia with too many blank pages.-

As I had the opportunity to tell the author endless times, I take this moment to tell you guys too!
This BOOK is WOW + a million awesomeness patched up together perfectly.

My mind and heart haven't had enough time to get over this book and I don't want them to.

The plot is simple...someone promising you a better future, you believing it and then...that promise never sees the light of fulfill-ness.
The writing style, the love that pours from every single word, the hurt from Juliette's thoughts, the hope from Adam, the eagerness of Warner, the loyalty of James, and the hope of a better future combined with Tahereh's talent made for a piece of art that I'd love to have hanging from a wall in my room, forever.
Almost forgot to mention that part-not all-of the tittle is mentioned several times in the book, you know how I just have a thing for books that can pull, having their tittles well into the story, off and this one did it...hands down.

How, how, HOW can someone so broken be so beautiful and strong at the same time?
How can someone that counts and numbers every little thing, cannot know the amount of love she carries inside?

-"You can't touch me."-

My completely scattered feelings, poor heart, and nearly insane-self thoughts
It took my heart, broke it all in such tiny pieces that I thought I'd never be able to come back together again. But then Tahereh along with Juliette proved me wrong yet again...because...after being so broken, little heart of mine, it started to be patched up...so differently and in such a unique way that I'm 100% sure I'll never be the same person I was, before reading this book, ever again.

Oh God! Oh my sweet God in the heavens, earth...
I thank all my lucky stars for having been able to get this book and read it.

Juliette is a character like no one I've ever read before. She's broken in such a heartbreaking beautiful way! And her persona instantly clicked with me...I wanted nothing more than to steal her away from the book and mend her and keep her safe and sound.
I find myself yet again with a character that I identify with, nope, if I touch you nothing bad will happen, really. Nevertheless, let's just say that I was rooting for Juliette since he very beginning in a way that no one ever did for me.

-...I'm oxygen and he's dying to breathe.-

I see red with different eyes now. Red can mean so many things, has so many emotions written in and on it's own language. Specially the strongests' of emotions: LOVE and RAGE/HATE and Juliette kept dripping red all over...everywhere...and you have to read the book to know if the red she's letting fall to the floor is either...Hatred or Love...

Author Tahereh Mafi; I stand up, take my hat off, and applaud every single letter written in this book. You're forever engraved in my mind and heart. One of the 2011 best reads and really? Best books to EVER exist.

It was a complete honor being able to read this book.
I'll never take for granted the opportunity to hug, kiss, or simply touch someone I love, ever again. It's a complete gift.

I give this book
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.

Special THANK YOUS forever and ever and ever and ever to Rachel from Fiktshun T-T you continue to surprise me with your goodness and kindness and really? your patience with me...I am forever thankful. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have been able to read this book/perfect-ness.