-review- Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

-"This ends here..."-

Oh I wish that quote right there were true :/ but I'm so happy it isn't!
For a book that was supposed to be the last one in trilogy it was so mean =( Thank God Becca's doing another one. I've still got so many questions that I'd love to have answers to...so many ideas...so many more...well, everything.

Once again we find Patch doing whatever it takes to keep Nora safe. It was a slow paced, well developed plot. I'm glad we get to know a bit more about angels, archangels, nephilim, feathers, necklaces, and much more.

Thoughts & Characters
Just when I thought everything would be discovered the story turned yet in another way.
.Vee! oh favorite woman of mine! Most of you know that aside from hotness/Patch my favorite BFF, sidekick, or whatever you want to call, character, is Vee. And I so wish she had had more part and more of that awesomeness and spike-y-ness that's soooo her. So, THAT, I missed...a lot.
Another good thing I can recall is the fact that we get to see a lot of past characters, some I loved to see...others...not so much, but that did bring a really good flow to the book.

-"My history is long, and not much of it is good. I can't erase it, but I'm determined not to make another mistake."-

All in all, a book that yet again you've got to read for your well being as well as mine :D
To know what happens after such a huge cliffhanger-killer of an ending that Crescendo had...

-"I'm officially in love with your sheets."
"That the only thing you're in love with?"
"Nope. Your mattress too."-

Feathers, Love, Feathers, Blood, Love, Friendship, Love, Memories, Death, Feathers-again-, Love, and trust; are all well packed inside Silence which, if you'd let me add, is, was and will always be the PERFECT tittle for this book. I couldn't have been any happier with the tittle...which has so much of the story on itself...because...if there's nothing left in your mind, heart, and world...that Silence...then...does all of that really exist? If there's nothing indicating...not even a single beat, a little flutter of a memory, or the slightless tingle in your body...that they're all 3 there...
Was all of that real? Can it be? Could it be? And if it could...
What would you do...to bring the noise, feeling, and memories back?

I give this book

4fotitos=genious crying.

Special thanks to Perla, without your help I wouldn't have Silence here with me now. I love you tons girl! Thank you so much!