-review/thoughts- Dark Song by Gail Giles

First of all I just wanted to let you know that this book I read a LONG time ago this year...and I didn't even have a bookpics page or blog or tumblr or anything for that matter So you might get to see all the rough and raw edges this review/thought has because I just wrote it soon after finishing reading the book...I wasn't good at expressing much of my feelings back then...But I do love this book and hope you get to love it too sometime!
I might be reading this again soon just because ;) and maybe then I'll write a review worth of the book:D

~Mom and dad, you're about to find out how much betrayal hurts.~

OK...this is OFFICIALLY the one that will mark me this whole 2011

Ames...I started identifying with her character A LOT...not that my life came tumbling down like in a second like hers...but sometimes...how she feels...all along the book...took me by surprise and left me breathless since the beginning of the book.

~...I gasped, and a tear leaked out from my left eye.
  "I'd wipe that away, but my hands are wet and they would see. You need to wipe it off. Don't ever let them see you have a soft place." ~

-My poor scattered feelings-
Ames is the typical girls who has it all...and maybe more than ALL...but didn't know that until she looses all! then comes the big bomb. Her "perfect" family wasn't that perfect after all...she founds herself falling and falling down...sinking on this feelings where there's only her BF Em and her against the world...and later...it seems that's just HER against the world(by world I mean her parents) then OF COURSE! she meets Marc and suddenly everything's not so bad as it seems...she pretty much anchors herself to him...and when there was sadness and loneliness now she got a sort of happiness:S and she's not lonely nor alone anymore...or at least that's what she thinks...but then...when she thought nothing....NOTHING AT ALL COULD GO WORST OR I Ddon't Know she finds out that she has the life of her whole family on her hands...what she decides from there on...is up to how she feels...since her mom and dad treat her like a servant and even her little sister is starting to notice that Ames might not be so good underneath after all...
will she answer to the call that this dark song inside of her plays??
or will she turn her back on the only person that has made her feel safe, loved and most of all IMPORTANT to the world?

~"I detentioned him"~


A COMPLETE PIECE OF ART THAT WILL LEAVE YOU WONDERING IF THERE'S A SONG A REALLY REALLY DARK SONG INSIDE OF YOU JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO NOTICE IT AND SING IT TOO.UST LIKE WITH AMES..if I could gather all this book in one single picture...I'll definitely have it hanging in my bedroom walls!
Gail Giles is a genious!

I rate this book

10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.


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