BookPic of the Week #1

 Wow! I came up with this idea a long time ago and I've never had the time or the right picture to showcase what I called BookPic of the Week...yeah yeah, it says in the description of this post that is a picture that has to do a lot with books...but I'm changing it quite a bit. It won't only be a book cover, book quote, or the likes, but also a picture that I took anywhere that reminds me of a book, a certain book cover, or a book passage or quote.
So there you go, I hope I can have more time to take photos and even more time to find some place, patience and, creativity in me to make them even a little bit beautiful :D 
I'm no professional photographer nor do I know a thing about editing pictures haha I just love the fact that a single picture can say so much or so little without a single word, the look on people's faces when they look at said's the most amazing face they could ever if they'd pay to be inside the picture! 
And well...I really love nature's what you'll find the most in my posts too... goes...everything :D and orange. Like a fire caught burning and turned to rock...
"It's like someone huge made cuts in the earth and dropped us inside."-
~Crossed by Ally Condie~


  1. Awesome. Love it. Ill have to start doing some of these type photos too, inspiration of books.

    PS any day of the week would be awesome. I do mine on Wednesday just because it works best for me.

    Have fun taking pictures, I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

    1. Thank you so much! That'd be awesome, that you started to do this too!
      Thanks! lol :D I'll hopefully start soon making those posts!

      >.< I actually can't believe you like it! That means a lot! thanks!


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