IMM #13 The first of the year people!

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I'm back!
Merry belated Christmas and a really really Happy 2012 to all of you awesome BookPic-ers!
This first IMM of the year is full of awesome! and I cannot wait to show you guys what I got the final 2 weeks of 2011.
I cried, gasped, thanked my lucky stars, cried again, smiled, laughed, freaked out, hyperventilated, and more!
Sadly youtube didn't like me and didn't upload the video that I made like 3 times in a row filled with excitement and all my clumsiness the lack of video Pictures come to the rescue...
I present you

-Lie by Caroline Bock -PB-SIGNED
thanks to Amy from LadysBookStuff She also sent me a BUNCH of swag T_T thanks so much including a Stomp Out Bullying bracelet which I'm in love with! 
Thanks so much Amy! the book being signed was a complete surprise for me. 
Awesome Christmas indeed!

Christmas Gifts
-If I Die by Rachel Vincent -PB- SIGNED!!!!!!
YES THAT's the difference people! You can't ever ever have enough copies of Rachel's books.
Rachel@Fiktshun T_T from the bottom of my stalker/creepy/cry-baby heart. My very first Rachel Vincent book SIGNED T_T I was all over the place...I think now, it's a good thing I didn't get to post the video because you might have been frightened of me...just saying.

-Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles -PB-
-Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles -HB-
-Incarnate by Jodi Meadows -ARC-
-this is the sound of me completely in tears and dying of happiness-
-The Pledge by Kimberly Derting -HB- SIGNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grace from Peace, Love, Teen Fiction  *-* I cried, screamed, bawled my eyes completely out, ran out of tears. You are more than awesome and I'm so happy I met're the reason I even started stalking facebook pages and new about blogs. I even became a good stalking author-blogger-person person because of you! lol You're an amazing person, blogger, and reader. I really look up to you! Keep it up! 
Thanks also for the awesome swag you sent *-* including Kim's The Pledge bookmark, passport, and those amazing temporary tattoos from Laini's Daughter of Smoke and Bone T_T

-My very first Christmas Card EVER
thanks to Tiffany Tiney *-* I LOVE IT!

My Very First book-related POSTER EVER
and what better way to start than with one of my favourite 2011 debuts 
-Ashfall by Mike Mullin -POSTER- SIGNED!
Thank you so much Jean @JeanBookNerd you were more than kind to offer it to me *-* your very last poster! I can never thank you enough.

That's it for me guys, thank you ALL and EACH of you guys for sending me these awesome books and swag. I love you guys all so much for being so awesome with me.

So, what did YOU guys get in your mail boxes?


  1. Great IMM! You got so much cool stuff (I'm slightly jealous!) I LOVE getting signed books!

    My husband seems to enjoy The Walking Dead. I don't really like zombie stuff, but he (and others) have said it's really good...much better than the TV show.

  2. Nice set of books you got this week. I still need to get my copy of The Pledge signed, I'm waiting for her to do another local signing.

    I was really happy with all my pictures I took at the event. I was a little nervous that my lens wouldn't do that well with the low light but I got it to work well enough. I hope you are able to start taking more pictures, it is so much fun!

    Happy reading

  3. Wow, what a big bag of awesome you got this week! I'm listening to the pledge right now on audio and I literally just finished reading perfect chemistry today and I loved it so you can imagine how jealous I am of rules of attraction and chain reaction!
    Enjoy all your fantabulous books!

    Ps. Thanks for adding my button! :)

  4. You have some great books there, Alba. Enjoy!! Incarnate is really good :)

    Thanks for dropping by!

    Kris @Imaginary Reads

  5. Holy moly that is one impressive IMM! Enjoy it all!

  6. @Maestra Amanda
    thanks! lol I'm honoured!
    Really? Well the show just started airing here in my country and I've seen some of the books at my local book I was curious :D

    Oooooh! Hope you get to Kim's signing she's simply the best *-* I completely cried when she knew about knows who I am.
    And, oh My! I'm dying to start taking more pictures specially book-related ones...I'm a really freak when it comes to nature shots so that's mostly what I books...well I'll just have to see

    YEY! Did you enjoy The Pledge? I always have trouble reviewing Kim's books...they always blow me away and almost always leave me with no words to write down how amazing the book was. Really? Perfect Chemistry!! I Loved it...I've reviewed it here too...the only bad thing for me is that my first language is spanish...and some spanish parts that were in the didn't feel real to me. Lol! yey! you're jealous, now THAT'S a first!
    ps. lol don't mention it!

    Thanks. Really??? oh boy I can't wait to read it! Specially since I'm planning to read it before the release date so...~crossing my fingers~
    don't mention it. I love stalking IMM posts

    thanks so much!

    thank you all for stopping by and commenting! You know that means the world to me!

  7. You most certainly did get a bunch of very cool stuff in the mail! I got the entire Perfect Chemistry set for Christmas this year and can't wait to read it. Incarnate is waiting to be read in my tbr pile too. Happy reading!

  8. @Amber
    I know right?? >.< so excited!! Ooooh!! you're going to love the books! I still need to get my printed Perfect Chemistry book but other than that...I know you'll like them...let me know how it goes!
    yey for Incarnate!
    and thankss!!

  9. Great mailbox! Love the Chemistry series and Incarnate (reviewed it today). Will be reading The Pledge and the Soul Screamers series soon! :) Happy reading and thanks for stopping by!

  10. @Lisa
    first of all...let me tell you something I always meant to tell you your prof.pic ROCKS! I always stare at Jensen :D
    me too Simone E. is awesome!! really??? YEY!! cannot wait to read Incarnate!! :D
    I hope you enjoy both the series SS and the Pledge! I hope to get the review of that book this week...I've been a complete lazy-ness-mess :D
    than YOU for stopping by :D

  11. what a GREAT start of IMM post for this year! that's a lots of awesomeness in your haul! yay for Signed books!!! :)

  12. @blackplume >.< thanks!!! I know!! and YEY! TOO!!
    thanks for stopping by!

  13. @BookLuvr Mindy
    looks like ;)
    thanks for stopping by


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