-review- Good For You by Tammara Webber

~"I mean, there's a difference between being suicidal and not giving a sh*t if you live or die. Right?"~

Tammara Webber, what can I say? How do I even begin to thank you?
I discovered this books thanks to Rachel@Fiktshun and well then I fell in love completely with the story, the characters, Graham, oh man...and finally after a long and well worthy wait REID is BACK.

This is the third and last book in the Between The Lines Trilogy by Tammara Webber. 

I literally don't know how to express my feelings for this book...I always loved Reid...no matter what he did...where did he go...what did he kiss...or who did he kiss... But in this book we get a completely different side of Reid and we are introduced to a new and fresh and if you ask me completely lovable, real, and amazing character; Dori.

~ Her shorts are so far out of style that I'm not sure they were ever in style. ~

My Poor Feelings/thoughts/and the likes
Because I was literally left waiting, wanting, begging for more I'm going to put it like this, short, simple, and...never mind I'll just do it.
You are who...people see? what you want to be? what you'd like to be? or what you really are?
You love...what you want to love? what you'd like to love? or what you really love?
You live...how you want to live? how other people tell you to live? or you don't really live at all but just try to pass the time every single day?
You believe, you cry, you try, you ask, you forgive, you forget, you love, you work, you make mistakes, you hold your breath, you listen, you want to be listened, you want to be loved, you want to be accepted, you expect... Reid and Doris' lives are described simply in those lines above.
He's a complete famous actor, she's a dedicated girl with her life already planned out.
When both their paths cross...BIG BANG happens... he wants to be more than just a sexy body and pretty face to her and she, well, she just want to be left alone to her own thoughts and doesn't trust people just like Reid.

~ Reid Alexander is the Devil. Except now it's easier to understand the angels who chose to fall from heaven with him. ~

This book was what I expected and so much more. Webber knew exactly when to make things happen and left me wanting more sooo bad it's really not even funny.
Full of hot, cute, sexy, work, paint, hammers, fans, cars, families, dancing, truth, lies, trust, and more than 3rd chances... A book that will completely change your mind if only a little, about holywood stars, about believing in yourself, and about the importance of others believing in yourself, about trusting, about letting yourself love someone and be loved, about helping and being helped.
I have to confess...that ending...it left me with sooo many questions going unanswered, so many untied endings, and a very very...squeezed-tight heart to deal with afterwards.
Please don't let the chance of reading this amazing books pass up. I promise it won't disappoint!

And finally a million + infinite thanks to ~clears throat~ Tammara Webber, author and amazing person who gifted me the book...I was in tears and astonished T_T and Rachel-Fiktshun- she sent another copy when I was already reading it, the fact that you thought about me was enough to make me cry all over again. Thank you BOTH one for writing the amazing story and the other one for introducing me. 

~ "Why did I do it? Because I love you. There's no other motive--I really am that simple." ~

I'll miss each and every single moment of all these books, the characters, and stalking the author for more!

I give this book
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.