-review- A Touch Morbid by Leah Clifford

-She lost herself, for one last moment, in his eyes. And then 'she' stepped back.-

Thank you so much dear Rachel and Leah for bringing me back to the world of reviews T_T I haven't written even an excuse of a review for 3 weeks now. It's really showing.
So today, I'll leave you with my thoughts, or what's left of them, about the book.

Oh My Clouds in the heavens of the whole earth that we humans inhabit O_o
Where did my heart go?
Oh, yeah. Leah completely stole it with this second instalment of A Touch Mortal. 
After reading the mind blowing, incredibly new, and fresh first book I really didn't think that life could get any better than that.
And as it's always with me. It turned out I was completely and utterly WRONG.
A Touch Morbid was 100*100000 times + infinite more times better than ATM1.
-Takes her hat off- Leah! for this attempt to share with you and everyone else what you did to me with this book actually work I'll have to pretend that you are NOT from this world and that you've come from some other dimension where all books are perfect and the person who writes them is not evil but...let's just say -wicked- and that the person doesn't have a normal brain but one that can only come up with mind-blowing-death-sentence ideas with it and nothing else.

-This was about false promises of things he couldn't have.-

Let's just start with the kitten shall we? Because everyone loved to tease and torture me about the poor/lucky kitten whenever Leah had a chat. I do believe in kittens and...Boy, what would I give to be the kitten in this story...even if just for a while...to be able to be that close to G...HIM...it's got to be worth something.
There's someone dealing with TOUCH...out of all things to get um...some kind of profit from...that's got to be ugly!
Everyone thinks they're doing their best to help everyone else. Everyone thinks that is best to keep something from someone for their on well being and the rest. But this whole book was so wicked and so twisted and so good...I can only agree.
The lies that were told or the truths that weren't told in the book were all done or undone lol, with the best thoughts and interests in mind, not wanting to harm others but the contrary.

-"I want to see beautiful things with you."-

-Az and Eden, I envy. Every time, every way, every second, forever. Az comes back broken but still full of love for Eden.
-Eden is at her most strong point...and later at her most vulnerable and weak. Protecting those who don't want to be protected but knowing better...must stink.
-Gabe...~sighs~ Gabe is mine, end of discussion. He's struggling after the killer ending of ATM1. He's trying, he has/had/maybe/will/have some kind of kitten. He's hot. No. I mean it. Literally. HOT. And then, he's dark, he's darker, and at some point I think he went completely BLACK.
-Kristen, I think I've come to like Kristen more than I would like to. Simply because she spent almost every single of her scenes with evil incarnate AND made me jealous of it. How far off gone was I by then? I think I completely lost it. 
She played with ICE...and I don't think she was afraid to freeze...she was almost always cold in the book. Showing her soft-still-human side.

-"Do you know how easy it would be to break you?"
She looked numb. "I'm already broken. You fix me."-

-Luke. Taking a deep breath here. I cannot believe that Leah put books&Luke in the same sentence or paragraph inside this book. I mean it. If Luke buys books why shouldn't everyone? If he likes a certain kind of breakfast meal why shouldn't we all? I know I'm loving it/them now. He can be so deliciously manipulative while at the same time freeze someone from the inside-out without a seconds hesitation. After all, he learns from his mistakes.
-Jarrod. OMG! ~grabs Leah and hugs her fiercely~ There was so much more of Jarrod I thought and felt it was Christmas all over again! He's my forever hero. The only one that really tried to be the light in all the shadows that were this book. He IS afraid of things but unlike all the others he doesn't try to hide it but fights against it with all his might. And for that I LOVE HIM and I'm marrying him. End of rant.
-Madeline is an elusive little thing and she's completely scary in the most crazy way. I have really no words to describe her.
-Zach and Sebastian are 2 yummy things that if they continue like this...I shall also take them home with me and never return them.
-We have old characters coming back...maybe just one but who's counting? And new ones...that I have to say were the excellent spice to this plate of a heart attack-Don't think I've forgotten how I started out this review.-

-"My little black hole," he said, leaning his head nearer to her. 
"Pulling me in."-

The story was explosive in it's glory and mysterious in it's worst and I loved every single dot, letter, exclamation point, quotation mark, and EVERYTHING in it.
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect sequel.
Things aren't getting any better...they're getting worse by the minute. Every character has it's own story to tell and solve. Every corner is dripping secrets. Every song can drag you to hell. Every angel can be upon you. Every word can condemn you. Every kiss is a promise. Every promise is a lie. Every intent is good. Every good can rapidly turn into evil. Every breath can kill you. And. Every Touch can claim you. Death is lurking everywhere. Life is trying to run away. Love is trying it's best to prevail but so far it seems really hard and almost impossible to believe Love can hold on much longer.
A Touch Morbid is a heart-accelerating thing of a book. I don't recommend this book for those who suffer any kind of heart disease as I can assure you...this will be the death of you as it was of me.

-"I love you," he whispered.-

My body-heart-soul is begging for the third book.
And as Rachel told me. I don't know if reading this book early...has gifted me or has cursed me.
I'm ruined for all men because I just met the one I want in this book.
Do please please please yourself with this exquisite sequel.
And buy it when it comes out.
Your mind knows you want it...just let your body go along with it.

I give this book; 
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.

Once again I have to thank Rachel @Fiktshun for this wonderful gift. Thanks for killing me at a young age!
On a side note I thought I could share with you how I'm really not exaggerating when I say this book really...ruined me.
I present you...my ATM2 ARC...and the pencil I used to take notes...

yes... This really happened!

I'm sorry pencil T_T


  1. Ha, I knew it would be more of a curse than a gift! Now you get to suffer along with me! Sorry Alba... but you asked for it. But your poor, poor, pencil.

    Thank you for sharing all your thoughts about A Touch Morbid! I thank one of my trading partners for trading a copy of this to me or I never would have had it to give to you! And wow, look at all those post-its! :)

    And you still love Gabe? And you love Jarrod? Hmmm.... And the kitten? Now you know! Woo hoo! Now you know xD

    I'm so glad you're writing reviews again and that ATM2 made your start.

    Happy re-reading Alba!

    1. Um, I'm still undecided :D Curse or Gift? :D You're so wicked!!! yes I'm suffering...happy?? T-T. Ok. I admit I did ask for it...I think I'll use a...um...how do you call those in english??...um porta minas?

      ^-^ OMG!! Thank that trading partner on my behalf please!! I owe you BOTH! ^-^ I won those post-its with my dad's card lol so I'm glad I'm using them along with books :D

      I'm IN LOVE WITH GABE! I'M MARRYING JARROD! I want to be the kitten...before the end of chapter 1 ^.^ I know!! YEY!!! :D

      Me too! it had been a long time ago since I wrote one :/ since the Good For You if I'm right. I owe it to you, your trading partner and to Leah/ATM2 for that!

      Thanks so much!


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