-review/thoughts- Hushed by Kelley York

-The apartment was silent. Not the sort of silence when one was home alone, but the smothering silence that followed death. An all-encompassing, heavy feeling.-

This is what happens when someone somewhere writes a book. Make that an amazing breathtakingly painful/amazing book. And then...I read it.
I am left utterly and completely shocked out of my shoes. I am left begging for more story. I am left begging for more pages to appear out of thin air just to know what happens next and next and next.
Kelley, with this book-Hushed-I can tell you I love you till the ends of ends. 
My heart constricted more times that I cared to count.
I fell in love with not one but two guys.
I want to keep them so bad it hurts.
You made me remember some really painful memories of my life with the only difference that now I don't feel how I used to. Empty-alone-guilty-lonely-not good enough.

-Maybe she could learn what it was like to always be left behind.-

How can I even begin to describe what a complex of a person and character Archer is. He's so broken I wanted to patch him back up and run. He was so sick I wanted to run away from him. He was so faithful I envied him. He was so shy I related. He was dark and vengeful and alone I wanted him to be happy forever.

-Do monsters get second chances?-

Vivian. ~Sighs~ Vivian was/is a character I know in person, that's why I could start to hate her so early in the book. I don't even know how you made it Kelley, let me tell you. But you really really dug out that memory and put it up front for the days it took me to read this book. I had my Vivian in real life years ago. Of course by that time I was some kind of Archer. And now while reading this book I could only think of how pathetic I was and how good it felt to finally let go. 
Kelley made Vivian's character so completely real, believe me...you'd feel exactly what I felt like and you will want to do to her exactly what I wanted hehehe.
Marissa's character (Vivian's mom) is the grandmother I wish I had and never will. PERFECT.
Evan, he's mine and mine only. How can someone love so completely and be so selfless while also drawing a line and put limits. He loves himself and that's what I loved and love the most about him. He loves others adoringly and cares for them and is there whenever someone needs him. But he also makes time for do his things and values himself. He's the very best friend. Of course he makes mistakes of course! He can make millions of mistakes but with whatever one good thing that he does, it outshines that million.

-"You should go back to sleep."
What better way to wake him up completely.-

All the secondary characters where incredibly main characters for me. The story wouldn't be the same without each and every single one of them.
I cried. I laughed. I smiled. I melted. I melted some more. I gasped. I wanted to smash something a lot of times in a row. I wanted to kiss Archer. I wanted to hug Vivian. I wanted to kiss Evan after Archer.
As always you know I'm a stinker for books that have the tittle inside the book at some point. I'm the happiest reader alive right now.
Most of all I wanted the book to never end.
I don't know how to make this book justice. I don't know how to make you guys understand how amazing it is and how completely sad and happy I am that I read it. Sad because I'm left begging for more and happy because it just was so...devastatingly beautiful I don't think I'll be able to stop rereading it for a long time.
Kelley York where have you been all my reading-life?
I am forever your reader/fan and cannot wait to read whatever you plan on writing next.

-"Hush, it'll be all right..."-

When playing by your rules means killing for love...
What happens next?
When you don't feel good enough...
And, everyone lets you down...
What next?
There is someone who believes in you. There is hope. There is love. There are happy tears. There are cozzy hugs. There are a million kisses waiting for you.
If...you..just...stop...think...forget...let go...and...Love.
Forgiving yourself is the first part...let time and your heart lead the way after that.

I know this post isn't making any sense-I wrote it exactly right after finishing the book.- I'm really sorry for that. But I think you can all get that I LOVED this book and that you should really really read it. After all this is more of thoughts than review hehehe.

I give this book;
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.

Special thanks to Rachel@Fiktshun, you made me want this book *-* 
OH WOMAN do I thank you for that!