30 Days of Hunger Games-Day 2

Hey beautiful people. 
Me again joining this fun thing Elena comes up with...either by her joining another one ~like with Bloodlines~ or her doing it ~like this one.~ Anyway. She's having this amazing 30 days of Hunger Games as a count down AND a way to have fun and kill time while all of us wait-impatiently-for the movie to come out. How's that sound?

For day 2 she's doing her OWN Hunger Games, without the killing or the arena or well...all the gore and ugly. And of COURSE she's giving away awesome things that I'd DIE to have too-all the pictures in the post are things she's giving away-Don't miss the chance!

Head over Elena's blog 
---->A World of Words<----
-link will lead you directly to the contest entry-
And follow the steps ^-^ nice and easy.

-hint, comment on this post to get an entry-
You really don't want to miss in all the fun
Have fun!


  1. Gah this competition is amazing!!!!

    Danielle Holgate, District 9

  2. This is a great idea!
    An actuall mockingjay pin??

    District 11

    1. @the librarian omg! district 11? -high fives- me too! and yes...an actual mockinjay pin!

  3. I love the different colors of the bookmarks! Also the awesome Mockingjay pin.

    Marla Calalo - District 6

  4. I post my Id on facebook enter me Veronika Briseno Distric 10

    flaka.077 at gmail dot com

  5. I am so excited for this movie! :) Woo!
    Shaina Jachim- District 9

  6. This event is so awesome!!! I entered!

    Jessica Sutton - District 10


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