Bookography #2

Bookography is a post created by Kristina from Kristina's World of Books. Where you can combine both of my very favorite things in the world. Photography & Books.
 So grab a camera and do your thing. 
You don't have to be a professional or anything like that. Just share your love of books through a picture and that's it ;)
-She usually posts them on wednesdays~ So make sure you stop by her blog and share the love!
I'm incredibly traumatized by her talent and I'm always checking every single Wendsay just to see what awesomeness did she managed to do once again!

Hello sexy!
Of course I HAD to post a picture about one of my favorite series EVER to exist!
This picture is also an old one...
I took it while doing one of my rereads of the Soul Screamers books.
I just randomly took it and then made a few tiny editions with the color contrast >.< That's it!
My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent


  1. Very nice and I love the paragraph that you chose very intense.

    1. thanks! oooh yeap...intense stuff indeed!

    2. wow Alishia! thank you so much! I really like this picture too! I was surprised when I took it <3
      thx for dropping by!


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