IMM#17 & MRP #5

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This week I only got one thing in the mail and it was NOT a book but it's still book-related so I obviously had to share it.

Isn't it cute >.< it was a surprise to receive it. I knew it had been made but didn't know it had been sent. Hence me getting all teary over it.
Thank you SO VERY MUCH Autum! I completely love it. It's the very first ANYTHING that has the name of my blog on it. You have outdone yourself. I'm too happy for words so I'll just say thank you!

I haven't gotten ANY book since the last week of January...but I've been told there's a package waiting for me at my grams so I'm going to feature that one next week as I haven't been able to pick it up.
Now on to...

My Reading Pile #5

My reading pile is an idea created by Fiktshun in which you share what your reads for the week are or well the wishful reads-rereads-rerereads and well you get the hint. Check her blog out you know I'm a devoted stalker, I mean, follower ;)

MRP progress & status:
Wow you guys! I cannot believe I read like 4 books this week though, I'm really behind with my reviews... but yeap, it reminded me of old times when I devoured like 5 books a week! 
I even managed to start reading the next book of The Blackdagger Brotherhood and that wasn't even on MRP!
I'm ONE book behind from last week's reading pile and that's The Mockingbirds. I decided to put that one on hold because I've got so caught up with BDB that I didn't want to be reading 2 completely different genres at the same time.
Don't get the wrong idea though...I've read 111 pages from The Mockingbirds and LOOOOOVED each and every single one of those. I'll just have to read it some other time in March.
But enough of that.
This is what I'm-hopefully-going to be reading this week;

Lover Revealed by J.R. Ward -BDB #4-
I am LOVING each and every single page of every single book that I've read of the series so far!

Lover Unbound by J.R. Ward -BDB #5-

My Soul To Save by Rachel Vincent
I'm finally going to start my reread of the second book for the Soul Screamers Reading Challenge
-remember you still can join in all the fun! Just go to the left sidebar and click on the SSRC button-
This book-sigh-was, is and, will forever be when EVERYTHING changes and I have no one to thank but the author who did a little post about it last year. This second book was my least favorite but after reading that post I actually ended up agreeing with her; that this book plays a really important roll for what happens after in the series and is the beginning  of what officially ends in book 5, If I Die. Hope I made sense.
So I'm excited and hope to start it by the middle of this week.

Netgalley Pile Adds:
Oooh! I almost forgot! I got approved for a galley of Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Shultz over at Netgalley.
I got all giddy and started screaming and crying because it reminded me  of my baby blog days, when I first requested galleys from there. Spellbound was one of the first books I got approved to read early thanks solely on me posting my reviews on my Facebook BookPics page and my Tumblr & Goodreads T_T .Even though I still haven't been able to get a finished copy of Spellbound-again blaming my country-being approved for the sequel is more than I could have ever hoped for.
That's it for me! 

What did YOU guys get in your mail box this week?
What are YOU guys reading this week?


  1. Ooh congratz on the bookmark - or is it a wrap around necklace? either way it's very cool! I haven't read any of the Soul Screamers series but it looks intriguing and on my to-read-eventually lists! I haven't read the Black Dagger Brotherhood series either but I've heard it's fantastic! O hope you love all of them - and congrats on the reading progress, I'm kind of a slow reader so it's awesome to really churn through the books a little faster than average :D

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! :)

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

    1. It is a bookmark hehe :P Thanks!!
      I LOVE the SS series it's one of my favorites!
      I'm really enjoying the BDB books! Cannot believe how fast I'm reading them ^_^
      Thanks so much!! and Thanks for stopping by! Great surprise!


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