My Reading Pile #4

Hi guys! And welcome to:

My Reading Pile #4

My reading pile is an idea created by Fiktshun in which you share what your reads for the week are or well the wishful reads-rereads-rerereads and well you get the hint. Check her blog out you know I'm a devoted stalker, I mean, follower ;)

Since I haven't been getting anything in the mail the last 3 weeks I've been slaking and not making MRP posts but that's over now hehehe. Check out what I'll be reading this week, hopefully.

The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney
-I am beyond HAPPY to be reading this book, I've been stalking the author non-stop since such a long time ago it feels like forever! YES I've stalked her WITHOUT reading her book but I seriously couldn't help myself she's so much fun and happy and good! After all, she was the person from whom I won a SIGNED copy of Where She Went by Gayle Forman. 
Daisy has known for a long time now how difficult it is for me to get books and one day of January while she was giving away an ARC for the sequel -The Rivals- she surprised me and told me she was sending me one 'signed' copy of the newly released PB copy of The Mockingbirds...suffice it to say I died and went to heaven. So thank you so very much to Daisy for this awesome gift!-

Another book on my pile this week is
Lover Eternal by J.R. Ward ~BDB #2~
Already started it >.<
I'm loving the BDB books so far ^_^ can't believe it took me so long to finally start it. I just really wish I had all of them in the same it is...I have some on eBook and some on printed ^_^ But WOW this books are *_*...-speechless- 

Followed by
Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward ~BDB #3~

That's it for me this week guys. I'm waiting a week more to start the second book on the Soul Screamers reading challenge which is My Soul To Save~there's still time to sign up <- click on the left side-bar to enter and sign up~

What are YOU guys reading this week?


  1. I still haven't read the Ward books, I don't think I will for a while either. I don't have the time to start a long new series, one day hopefully

    1. :/ I really hope you get to read them some time...
      I'm loving them!

  2. I'm really curious what you think of The Mockingbirds - I've heard such mixed things that range from extreme love to extreme hate.

    1. lol Me too...I've currently stopped reading it because reading a long adult series along with a lone YA book didn't work for me... but so far I've read like 140 pages of the book and I've loved it so far!!
      I haven't read much about The Mockingbirds...from the only 2 sources that I read and trust reviews...just one has read and reviewed it and that person LOVED it so I'm pretty sure I'll end up loving this book!

      thanks so much for stopping by!


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