-reread thoughts- My Soul To Take by Rachel Vincent

This is the very first time for me doing a kind of review for a reread of a book.

When I found out that Fiktshun was having a reading challenge for none other than the Soul Screamers series I just HAD to sign up. I've never participated on a reading challenge before but THIS right here was one of the 2 perfect opportunities that presented themselves to me this year.

(You can still sign up for the challenge by clicking on the left sidebar button.)

Where to begin? Hehe don't worry this won't be a long rant.
This is, I think, my 7nth time rereading this books...ever since I found them randomly on YA-books list on Scribd I knew I had to have them. The books mean a lot to me since I read them before I became a reviewer ^_^ and I still hold them close to my heart.

Rereading this yet again helped me remember why I fell in love with the story and it's characters in the first place. 
Why I always have and always will be a huge admirer of the heroine that is Kaylee. This is a book full of all things awesome. From bad guys OR girls, high school crushes, family trouble, annoying cousins, absentee parents, lies, vanity and, the supernatural. Reapers, bean-sidhes, reapers, hellions, and more more creepy-looking creatures. I mean, seriously? It's packed.
It was so much fun remembering why I love Tod so much, why I fell in love with Nash in the first place, why I can't help but dread the ending of each book knowing what comes next. It was an amazing reread.
It's so easy to get immediately submerged in the story! 

I have nothing more to say than, it's a perfect book filled with perfect characters and written so wonderfully I really am fighting the urge to reread it once again before starting the next book in the series.
Rachel Vincent proves to me once again why she's one of my favorite authors and why this is one of my 2 favorite books from the series-so far.- 
Because this was the start of Kaylee's amazing-sacrificing-troublesome yet growing-loving-rediscovering journey!
I cannot wait to sink my eyes in the next book!


  1. Great post, Alba!!! :) Reading your thoughts, made me want to pick up the book again too. I actually think your post will finally get me to write my own. I just haven't been feeling it lately, but your words will help me get out of my funk. :) Love your post!!! :D

    1. Thank you so much Ina!!!
      you have no idea what this comment means to me!! *-*
      hope I do help and you can get to write your post! ;)

    2. You're very welcome! Yes, I think I'm going to write my post tonight. I'm just getting myself situated. ;)

    3. Yay! It's up! Thank you so much for getting me out of my funk!!! :D If you'd like to check it out, you can find it right here: http://smiling-ina.blogspot.com/2012/02/ssrc-my-soul-to-take.html :)


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