IMM #19 I'm-sorry-I'm-sick-insaniTEA party EDITION

IMM is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out!

I made a VLOG finally!
I'm sorry I sound so awful and blue and look like crap. 
I'm sorry I didn't get to gush more about Leah Clifford's A Touch Morbid release party but really!
I saw ERIKA (I misspelled it the first time I wrote this post) >.< lol. And can't remember the name of the guy but he was nice too!
I saw Az so many times I think my eyes rolled back and stopped working. 
I saw Aimée Carter (Author of The Goddess Test) and Courtney A. Moulton (Author of Angelfire) were there too! Even mamma Clifford whom I met once before in the most embarrassing conditions and Lauren DeStefano (Author of Wither) dropped by the chat too...don't know if she was actually there though.
It was amazing! Amazing!
So I thank Leah Clifford for asking if it'd be okay to live stream the tea party. And the book store for making it happen!
Claslan has a not so new fan HERE, since I've been listening to them since Leah recommended it.
LEAH THANK YOU SO MUCH! Congrats and I love youuuuuuuuuu! 
Thanks for spoiling us so much! You are my fave! But don't tell Az please!

Enough with me freaking out. Here's what I got this week:

Divergent by Veronica Roth
Indeed a bittersweet purchase but I'm thankful the book even came here and now I'm finally going to be able to read about the famous 'Four'.

My Reading Pile

My reading pile is an idea created by Fiktshun in which you share what your reads for the week are or well the wishful reads-rereads-rerereads and well you get the hint. Check her blog out you know I'm a devoted stalker, I mean, follower ;)

MRP progress & status:
I haven't even thought about what I'll be reading. Elections are tomorrow(Sunday) here in my country and it becomes chaos, literally.
Anyway. I just hope to get to review My Soul to Save and if ANY of you is currently re-reading the Soul Screamers series along for the SSRC please tell me I'm having a serious case of hyperventilation because I have no one to talk to right now who has actually read them all before up to If I Die.

Netgalley Pile Adds:
Didn't request for any books on NG though I did get rejected for a Something Like Normal galley T________T I told you guys...and I was so looking forward to it because I just know I won't be able to get the book.

That's it for me guys!

What did YOU guys get in your mail box this week?
What are YOU guys reading this week?


  1. I can't wait to read your review of Divergent, I loved it and I'm so excited for Insurgent.

    Happy reading
    (working on my post now :) )

    1. Aw thanks! I still don't know when I'll be reading it but hope to do so soon!

      -lol then I'll be stalking your blog later!-

  2. Ooh, hope you enjoy Divergent! For some reason I'm not a huge fan of dystopian books, but I really liked Divergent :) Four is quite swoon-y ;)

    1. I like Dytopia... at least the ones I've read so far :D
      Thanks! Oh I'm looking forward to meeting Four XD

    I hope you enjoy it (it's one of my favorite dystopian titles!)

    PS. You know I totally LOVED the cupcake ring photo you sent me ;)

    1. YES!
      Really? Then is a MUST read! hahaha

      ps. I didn't even think you'd remember me X_____X
      thanks for stopping by!

  4. Alba!!! Oh, the InsaniTea Party live stream was so super awesome!!! I went back at the end for a little while and Aimee and Courtney were answering questions - and so was Lauren, but only through the chat, she wasn't actually there. It was amazing though! I'm so happy we asked Leah about the streaming, because I wouldn't have wanted to miss this for the world!!! Well, Az definitely has a new fan in me, though I'm still staying true to Gabe. Loved the music though!

    Anyway! *lol* Divergent is amazing!!! Enjoy!!! :)

      I left like half an hour I think, before it eyes were hurting *-*
      Arghhhhhhhhh they were there a lot of the time!! They answered a few of mine though not Lauren!
      Me too! Leah definitely rocks and I just simply LOVE her!
      oh I'm always Team Az BUT Gabe and J and Luke *---*

      Anyway, Divergent! Hope to read it soon!

  5. Divergent!! So good..I love dystopia! Yay for IMM VLOGS :P so lucky you meant and saw all those authors!

    Giselle @
    In My Mailbox #19

    1. So I've been told!
      Well I met them via that counts right? XD

      thanks for stopping by!

  6. I loved Divergent!!!!
    What can I say? that book gave me my most popular quote "Tris is a girl"... well, mmm... I thought she was a boy when I read the summary! now all my friend used to laught when we talked about the book!
    Hope you enjoy it. I know you'll do.
    Happy reading!!!

    1. Yey! Lol really??? hehehe XD
      Thanks! Hope I do enjoy it :P

  7. GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! Alba your comment on my blog was sweet! you are welcome to stalk there any day! Would have commented sooner but I have been in bed the past couple days! :( Anyways!! Divergent changed my life. No joke there! Hope you enter my contests! They are pretty much always intl! Elections sounds crazy cool!! Happy Reading!!

  8. I have Divergent waiting for me on my bookshelf too - it's been staring at me for almost a year now! SO I really need to find time to read it, I'm excited to see what all the hype is about for myself :D

    I hope you love it! :D

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  9. @Erika ^_^
    Thank you! I'm known for literally massacring my poor !<-- key :D hehehe I get excited over every little thing hence my comment on your blog!
    I'll stalk! Definitely! And I hope you feel better soon-if you're sick and that's what's keeping you in bed- Oh Really? I'll have to check them out I really don't know if I've entered hehe
    argh you're killing me! Life changing huh...
    ps-> Elections were fast but a nightmare hahaha

    YEY! ~high fives~ hope to get to read it soon! :D

  10. Divergent!! I absolutely loved it; it was SO awesome. Totally hope you'll think so too! :D

    And again, I soooo hope you'll get well soon! *hugs*

  11. @Rebecca
    Really? Another person to add to the list that has told me it's good!

    And. Thank you!! I'm so much better now!!! *hugs back*

  12. Divergent is Ah-mazing!!! Enjoy :)


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