IMM #20 The Surprises Edition MRP #7

IMM is hosted by The Story Siren I looove love her blog! So you really should check it out! 

I'm more than happy so I'll just let my video-self speak

~sorry for the messy background~

* My Soul to Save * by Rachel Vincent 
-Sent by:

Elena @A World of Words T_T Thank you so very much! I cannot believe it's finally here! You definitely ROCK and I'm more than thankful I met you! I love you girl! Thank you!

*Random Swag 
-Sent by:

Perla ~deep breath~ Twin. You have rocked my life with these surprises! It's been one of the best weeks of the year so far. Thank you so much for this and EVERYTHING ELSE! Gracias. Nose que hubiera hecho si nunca nunca nos hubieramos conocido. Sos lo MEJOR y gracias mil mil mil y miles de gracias por soportar todas mis locuras y mi amor por los libros...siempre me estreso-pero en buen sentido-cuando me mandas cosas porque no te puedo mandar todo lo que yo quisiera! Pero algún día les mandare a vos y a Ellen; porque...pues, ella tambien ROCKS! Y también a todos los demás que me han regalado libros o swag! 
Te quiero TWINSIE! *__*<-face full of love. Love you!
Thank you, both of you!
And ~whispers~ Kristina, thank you once again.

My Reading Pile #7

My reading pile is an idea created by Fiktshun in which you share what your reads for the week are or well the wishful reads-rereads-rerereads and well you get the hint. Check her blog out you know I'm a devoted stalker, I mean, follower ;)

MRP progress & status: 
Wow, I did manage to finish reading and share my thoughts on My Soul to Save though I haven't managed to continue my reading of The Black Dagger Brotherhood: An Insider's Guide. My sister found me a book I had been dying to read since last year and finally read it so I got a bit sidetracked and distracted from the guide. Maybe I'll get a chance to finish it this or next week.
That said these are the books on my reading pile for this week.

Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Shultz
Got approved for a galley on NG, remember me freaking out on you a couple of MRP posts ago? Well the book is releasing March 27th. So I hope to get it read and reviewed by then.
And. Since we're talking about eGalleys I'm going to go eBook this week and pick back a book I stopped reading a while ago.

Back on BP's Pile 

The Demon's Lexicon by Sarah Rees Brennan 
I can't wait to fall in love with Nick all over again! I was 48% done with the book before I decided to put it down. But now I hope to get it read because I was seriously LOVING every single bit of it!

Netgalley Pile Adds: 
I got freaking approved for a galley of The Girl in the Clockwork Collar by Kady Cross. I LOVED LOVED LOOOVED the first book on the Steampunk Chronicles and since I haven't had the chance to get a final copy of that book I'll have to try really hard to remember the little details of it. 
I'm not a historical, steampunk kind of reader but there are special books like THIS that change my mind from time to time. 
I'm really excited to get lost once again in this awesome story!
YEY! I made it! Another IMM & MRP post!

What did YOU guys get in your mail box this week? 
What are YOU guys reading this week?


  1. I want that Anna Dressed in Blood bookmark!!!!!!!!!!! I want one *sobs*

    Nice gifts!! I want to read SS grrr.

    I pick up today a book I won from my sucky bookstore, can you believe it?! Divergent!! And the best part: IT'S SIGNED!! I don't know where they got it from. But I still can't believe it.

  2. Sweet swag haul! I'm going to be giving away an signed Anna bookmark and others as well on Monday :)
    Your welcome again.
    So you haven't gotten my envelope of swag yet? I hope it gets to you safely!

  3. @Ana
    Ya no te quiero...muchas gracias ~envy aura~

    Thank you!! I'm so excited!!
    What? Really??? YEY!! I'll make sure to stop by your blog!! I'm more than going to stop...I'll stalk, since that's the thing I do best :D
    I haven't...but I think it'll likely come this week or the next, tops.

  4. Aww I love your cute head band :) And all those bookmarks are cool :)Enjoy your reading pile, I haven't read any of those lol

  5. Great mailbox! I love the Soul Screamers series! Enjoy all of yourawesomeness this week. :)

  6. @Mist
    ~blush~ Thank You hehe. YES I had tons more but the video would have been too long!
    Thanks! What? Really? I enjoyed Spellbound last year!

    Thank you! YES Soul Screamers FTW FOREVER AND EVER! I sure will! thanks!

  7. The Soul Screamers books!!! So good, hope you enjoy them!

    Thanks for stopping by LIO!

  8. I am so excited for you that you got approved by NetGalley. I feel so special when that happens :P Great books! Happy reading!
    Giselle from
    In My Mailbox

  9. @Amanda
    Thanks! I've read them a lot of times already and had been dying to get the first omnibus :D

    ~high fives~ Hecks yeah! I'm always giddy days afterwards I've been approved there :D Special indeed! Thank you!

  10. Awsome haul the Soul Screamers dude I totally have to read them!!! And your headband is EPICALLY epic!!!

    Xpresso Reads

  11. @Giselle
    YES!! Soul Screamers FTW! What?! DUDE! you have GOT to read them!!
    Oh my Cloud you guys! Thanks for the headband thing ^_^

  12. YAY! The Girl in the Clockwork Collar! \o/ Congratulations on being approved. :D Looks like a very awesome IMM!

  13. @Rebecca
    Yes!! ~dances~ Thank you so much! It was an awesome IMM!


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