-reread thoughts- My Soul to Save by Rachel Vincent

This is the sound of my...
~AN->Again, I am not reviewing as I would any other book. 
This books hold a special place in my heart~
Oh God. This I-don't-know-what-number-of-reread time of reading...was a long and suffering one.
This is officially my LEAST favorite book of the series...this means of course that all are my favorites and that I love them all but I love this one less than the others.
I reread this book having in mind what author Rachel Vincent once said about this book. 
I wanted so desperately to keep in mind what she said, that this book is a pivotal one... But in the end... I just couldn't stop thinking that this is exactly were everything goes downward for Kaylee and everybody near her.

Listing My Reasons of Freaking-Out
*I have to say this is the book in which I LOVE NASH the most. He's so protective and loving and caring and it shows that he really just wants only what's best for Kaylee and tries to keep her on track.
*This time around I literally hated Kaylee...hated her...for trying to be the hero...when she definitely couldn't and wouldn't had been able to be one if not for the help of Nash & others... This is the one book that made me think of her not as a hero but as a selfish girl who wants to prove something that doesn't need to be proved. Everyone, every single person warned her and wanted to protect her, though I kind of understood her need to help she needed to know that everything has a limit and for me, she obviously surpassed it...
*I liked Tod even LESS in this book. I didn't and couldn't understand most of the time why in the world he wanted Kaylee and Nash to help him.
*I LOVED that Harmony had a more important roll in the story as well as Kaylee's dad AND Emma...who I simply love in EVERY SINGLE BOOK.
*Remarking again my  love for Nash. ^_^
*I simply couldn't comprehend the whole purpose of everything.
*I got frustrated to the point of wanting to STOP reading soon after starting it...though the first couple of times I read this book I simply flew by it...reading it in one sitting and wanting to read it all over again after finishing...This time? Not so much. I had to DRAG my reading the last chapters.
I think it has to do LESS with what the book is in itself because really? It's an amazing book with amazing writing and INCREDIBLE plot...
More to do with the fact that I have read all published books so far and therefore KNOW what happens next...and I simply couldn't help but try and root for a chance that by some kind of miracle the story might change at some point and that it'll all be better soon after.
It didn't and even though I'm still irrevocably in love with every single book...I hate to admit that I would have loved for things to end different.
All is over now...I was lucky enough to vent to a friend a day before ending the book.
Now, the world is back in it's right place. I'm happy with the book again. 
And...I CANNOT WAIT to start the 3rd book!
Thanks Rachel Vincent for making me sleepless all over again!

I reread this book for the SSRC. Remember it's never too late to join! The button to submit to the challenge is on the right sidebar ¬¬, the only one hehehe. The first spoiler chat is coming soon!


  1. finally!!! your review is posted! you make it just on time :) I agree in all that you listed! Like I said in my review this is my least favorite too. Though rereading the book makes me appreciate it more than the first time.

  2. Agreed! I had forgotten a lot of little details from the book...but finally made it :D
    Now on to the next one :P

  3. Wow, Alba, this really surprised me, I didn't know you felt this strongly about MSTSave. It was only my second time reading it, but I actually loved it more now than the first time around.

    I didn't think Kaylee was selfish at all - if she would have been, she would have went to the hospital the first chance she got and wouldn't have risked her own life. She thought she had time because Tod didn't tell her the truth. She just wanted to make up for her aunt's failure. She had a hard time dealing with all Val had done, and thought helping Addy and Regan might somehow make things better.

    As for Tod, I had to keep reminding myself at times how much I love him. You could tell how desperate he was though. Addison was probably his first (maybe only) real love, and having her face an eternity of torture, he didn't see any other way. I couldn't have done any of it by himself.

    Well, but these are only my 2 cents. Please don't hate me!!! ;)

    I managed to put up my post about half an hour to midnight last night, so I made it just in time. *phew* :D

  4. @Ina
    LOL, I didn't know either. The second time I read this book I liked it even more than the first one just as you did ;)...But I don't know how many times I've read this book and this time it completely was different different different.

    Oh, I didn't mean in that specific moment. I meant since the beginning when she decided to get into this mess...of course being who she is she had to go through after making the decision. Kaylee's always been brave. And that's also of what I thought...Val and everything but as I posted I really think that she should have know when to say no...I really felt like she dragged Nash and he went along because he didn't want anything happening to her.

    As for Tod...lol same here hahaha, and I do love a part in the book that shows just how far he'll go for someone who he cares about. That gave him brownie points for me ;)

    I DO NOT HATE YOU! I love you! hahaha thanks for commenting! But as I said haha I'm all right again...with the book and everything...I just really had a hard time reading it this time!

    ~high fives~ YEYYYYYYYYY!! We rock! haha until the last very minute hehehe

  5. Phew, now I'm relieved. LOL

    Yes, who knows what'll happen if I read it another 5+ times. ;)

    Nash definitely earned some points in my book. The fact he stood by Kaylee, even though he didn't agree with all her decisions, and even though he could have just walked away whenever he wanted, but didn't, definitely made me like him more. :D

    Haha, yes, we rock! I hope it won't happen again though, I like having more time to write my posts. That was a little too close for me. I'll have to make sure to read "MSTKeep" in about 2 weeks. ;)

    My post is right here: http://smiling-ina.blogspot.com/2012/03/ssrc-my-soul-to-save.html if you felt like reading it. ;)

  6. I read My Soul to Save as part of Soul Screamers Volume 1. Having the first 2 books along with the prequel in one book makes it so much easier to read. It made it so easy that I picked up Volume 2 to read the next 2 books in the series. The next book is My Soul to Keep. From what I've read so far from the book description I'm going to have to be in the right frame of mind to pick it up. I think it might just be an emotional roller coaster.

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