-review- Chain Reaction by Simone Elkeles

-Alex's mom, sitting in the front row, has her head bent as if she's watching an ant on the ground and it's the most interesting thing she's ever seen. I think I just saw her crossing herself.-

Wow, long time no see dear Simone Elkeles's books! 
This is the final book on the Perfect Chemistry trilogy and though I read it a while back I hadn't been in any mood to write a review. Until now.
I'll make it short and simple.
I think this book had the best writing from the 3. Came even closer to how we Latinos relly are. And what better way to take a peek at us than from Luis Fuentes himself and Nikki *_*

I am such a stinker for the Fuentes brothers is not even funny. I love how they all want to show off just the rough edges of their personalities and little bro Luis couldn't help but follow the steps of older brothers Carlos and Alex. And can I just say I LOVE LOVE the first chapters from Luis' POV? lol They were absolutely hilarious.

Oh God. I did NOT see ANY of the things that happen in the book coming. NOT ONE SINGLE THING. They took me completely by surprise...from Luis...becoming lol to just you know...OTHER things...
I really am happy for how things played on both Luis and Nikki's lives I don't think I could have handled it if Simone had left us with a cliffhanger for an ending to the trilogy. I'd be dead by now.

-I'm constantly trying to determine which of my emotions is centered on reality.-

But I know you'll hate me for this. Again, I felt myself really getting into the book sighing and tearing up and smiling when out of nowhere comes a sentence or an expression or even just a word in spanish that completely broke the flow of the story for me, because it was hard to imagine that really happening when I know in the real world it DOESN'T happen at all...so I HATE HATE HATE that that happens to me. I would've liked not being a latina for the day it took me to read each of these books so I could say that the books are simply perfect. Sadly, I still am a latina...so those little phrases really broke the mood and had me wanting the scenes just to finish. 
This happened less in this book than the other 2.

-"You takin' notes, Kiara?"
"I'm too busy w-w-watching your muscles flex," she says.-

Other than that. I am FOREVER RUINED for any other boys out here.
The littlest Fuentes brother is the cutest thing and the wickedest and just plain amazing. 
Discovering what he discovers and loving what he loves and most importantly being able to see how he comes to accept and love himself was beautiful!
Please read the books! I promise you won't be disappointed!
~So much for making it short and simple.~

I give this book
5fotitos=~sobs hard~too good to be true!

Special THANK YOU to Grace @Peace, Love, Teen Fiction. THANKS THANKS THANKS for offering me this book *___* I LOVED it thank you so much!


  1. :O :O :O
    Awesome review!! And seriously, you make me want to read this one SO bad! I want to be surprised as well AND ruined for all other boys?! Give me, please! o:

    1. Awe, thank you!
      Really?? Well my job here is done ;)
      I was surprised but beware I'm really clumsy and slow sometimes when it has to do with guessing what'll happen next in books!
      Yeap I'm ruined! have you read the other 2 books?
      -thanks for stopping by!-


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