-review- Incarnate by Jodi Meadows

-"Saying I never thought about it would be a lie, but it doesn't change how I feel. Ana, you make me ache in places that aren't even physical."-

When I received a copy as a christmas present last year I literally cried. I couldn't believe I was going to be able to read the book whose cover I married~digitally~and whose author I've stalked even before the cover of the book was released.
Now why, you ask, did I take so long to review this book.
Let me tell you...it has been HARD to come up with even some remote ideas and thoughts to share with you this day... Just from the cover I wanted it to be perfect and I never actually wanted to read the description or blurb. 

So let me tell you my thoughts on this book.

-...he played the most amazing thing my ears had ever heard. Like waves on a lakeshore, and wind through trees. There were lightning strikes, thunder, and pattering rain. Heat and anger, and honey sweetness.
I'd never heard this music before. There seemed no room to breathe around my swollen heart as the music grew, made me ache inside.-

All of you that are constant readers of my reviews know this one thing, my weakness...when a book has the TITTLE somehow written inside the story or it's justified in the story? That makes it PERFECT for me, but then my ultimate weakness is if the COVER of the book has actually a meaning in the story and for me and Incarnate? Ladies and gentlemen! Oh God! BOTH were mentioned and justified inside the book and for that I'm a million times grateful! 
I loved Ana since the beginning of the book, simply because I always root for those who don't have anyone rooting for them!
The world Jodi created is creepy and cold and plain awesome. I could picture everything perfectly! And her writing is FRESH I found myself devouring the first half of the book...but then for some reason it slowed down for me...I really don't know why or how...maybe because I had too many expectations and was too excited, anyways...
MUSIC, oh lord, MUSIC plays such an important part in the book that if I could hug Jodi Meadows right now I'd instantly do it!

-My throat itched from nerves, and I wish we'd brought water. But then I'd probably drink it all at once and have to pee for the rest of the meeting.-

Ana along with Sam and Music...prove to us once again...that immortality exists...it's everywhere around us...if you could just listen...open up and listen...many people are immortal...not all...but a lot...Ana's love of music and the courage she has to overcome the differences that make her the only newsoul/nosoul in Heart-which may I add it's a really creepy creepy and scary and weird place- made me instantly happy.

-He hesitated, and his voice lowered like he didn't want the wind to hear.-

The story flows smoothly for the most part...at the end I got attacked by a lot of information...but those attacks were welcome so don't worry.
I really can't come up with more than;
This story is full of new, new souls, new views, new ideas, new places, new loves...
Packed with dragons and sylphs and a white tower that I am completely scared of...
Jodi Meadows made me want to wear mittens 24/7 -I live in a tropical country- *_*
Music fills the empty spaces, the silent moments, making the wrong rights and Heart a slightly less scary place to live in.
I got to listen to the music of fears...
Forever...is possible

I give this book

4fotitos=genious crying.

Special thank you to Grace @Peace, Love, Teen Fiction *____* this wouldn't even be possible if you hadn't sent me this gift T_T I'm forever grateful!


Yes, that green thingy is a special something ;)


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh!! So glad you liked it too. I loved it. It was so unique and awesome and I so agree about title and cover being in the story and symbolizing it. Love your review! It really shows through how much you enjoyed it. :DD

    1. ~gasps~ You actually read the review?? ~stays happy for the rest of the day~ Agreed...those facts(tittle and cover) are always my weaknesses!
      Thank You so very much! I try...always to just write my feelings throughout the reading.


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