-review- Spellcaster by Cara Lynn Shultz

 I was on top of the world when I got approved for a galley of this book, I first read Spellcaster on NG and even though I haven't been able to get a finished copy I needed not to worry because Shultz made it impossible not to remember ^_^
Now I'll just stop rambling and leave you with my thoughts on the book;
I really don't know what happened. It started out soo good and awesome and full of Brendan and halfway through...I just couldn't continue... 
I hate when this happens and I really think it had less to do with the book and more with me getting sick right in the middle of my reading... 
I really can't wait to get a finished copy and give it a second shot! 
There IS something dark and dangerous lurking and waiting for Emma and Brendan to let their guards down. Right when everything was supposed to be perfect it strikes leaving Emma to make decisions she rather not make & Brendan trying his hardest to let Em be independent. Angelique, I didn't quite enjoy THOUGH I thought she was soooo funny at the most weird and awkward times. 
All in all I think this book will be a feast to all who enjoyed Spellbound and more so if you're in love with Brendan as I am. 
Author Cara's writing was almost the same as it was on Spellcaster... I am still battling with my mixed feelings related to her characters but Brendan was awesome as always...and I just love my love stories...

I got this early copy(galley) from the publisher in exchange of my honest review

I give this book
3fotitos=might've made me cry. 


  1. I want to request this one from Netgalley but I promise myself not to get another book until I submitted all my pending reviews for NG. Oh my!!! why great books are on Netgalley when I got tons of pending reviews to write. There is also The Girl in the Clockwork Collar!!!

  2. @blackplume
    I requested it and got approved!! >.< It releases tomorrow! I know the feeling hehehe I'm not requesting much on NG now!
    I DID request The girl in the clockwork collar and got approved so I'm soooo looking forward to reading that one! I read, thanks to NG, the first book in the series so I'm happy I got this one as well!


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