We've gone SKULL!

I cannot stop looking at the blog now bookpic-ers! 
We've gone skull and pink and black and neon-green and all kinds of awesome!

I have to admit.
I had never thought of going all pretty on the blog since I completely repel technology and HTML? ~runs away~
And even if I did kind of understand any of that...I didn't and still don't have the $$$ to buy a blog template and make it look al awesome for you guys!

So. Even though it was NOT in my plans nor did I ever DREAM to have the work of the one and only-first because of FIKTSHUN and second because she's seriously the only blog designer I know off- Rachel @ParajunkeeDesign. And never in my dreams would I have thought of having a nice look on the blog. I have NO ONE repeating NO ONE to thank but the awesome Kristina!!!!!!!! @Kristina's World of Books I mean it!
She participated to win a blog template over at Rachel's site and WON and after I don't know what sort of sorcery, her mind decided to pass it up on me T__________T
Being the undecided person that I am it took me FOREVER to choose between the 4 options she had. Then narrow it down to 2 was even more exhausting. But. Don't even get me started when I had to choose 1! Yes! ONE 1 UNO! I think by the time I finally chose, CHOSE meaning I went and gave a coin to my mom and she threw it and this was the design that won, Kristina was more than sorry for having offered it to me!
And after I got the template email from Rachel-Fiktshun- and freaked out because I thought it'd be too hard to handle but NO! here it is! And I can't believe even Rachel-Fiktshun- got involved in all this! The template also came with a favicon...still don't know if I'll use it right now.
Still. Kristina! Thank you so very much! You made me cry, you made me laugh, and you made me stress all at the same time, exactly what happens to me while reading a book!

Please be sure to follow all of them! Kristina and RachelX2 I follow all their respective blogs and even though I'm a new follower of Rachel's design site-I'm a follower of her book blog- I'm sure if any of you wants a fresh new and fun look for your blog Rachel is sure to be a good starting point!
Kristina! Thank you so much again!

And you my beautiful people!
What do you think of us all fancied up??

Here's the favicon ->


  1. Wow I so love ur new look!! I so love pink and Skulls ;) very nice love it!!

  2. Wow! It really looks so good!
    Congrats... I can't help, but it reminds me of Avril Lavinge! :D

  3. @domoniquehicks
    Thank you!!

    lol it was a choice between this one and a purple one I fell in love with...but in the end luck decided and OMG! Really????? hahaha I haven't thought of Avril Lavinge in AGES! Is that a good thing or a bad thing? that the blog reminds you of her?

  4. This is so cool. It loos so cheerful, I love the colors (though pink, is not my favorite) but WOW it's so amazing! woohoooo!!

  5. It looks good on your blog, I'm so glad you love it :D

  6. Oh Alba! It looks fantastic! And don't you look sassy up there?! Congrats love! What an amazing group of women to donate so much and share the love! Enjoy and happy reading! <3 Shelley

  7. @kristina Thanks!! T_T

    OMG thank you so much! Actually Kristina is the one who passed it up to me but they ALL are awesome!
    Thanks and you too!

  8. Wow, Alba. I love love love it!!! Congrats girl you deserve it!!

  9. @Alishia
    Thank you! Wow! Thanks for stopping by too!

    ^_^ thank you so much! Destiny wanted me to have this one I guess hehehe.
    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww T_T

  10. YAYAY that's SO awesome! I totally love it. Black, pink, skulls. Yessssss. I'm glad you're happy with it. :D

  11. @Rebecca >.<
    Thank you!
    hehe oooh...you're a skull lover then? XD
    I'm happy ;) thanks for stopping by!

  12. love your new design & layout! unmistakably made by Parajunkee :) cool

  13. @blackplume
    Thank you!! lol I thought the same thing! haha unmistakable! :D

  14. Really cute design! I really love the background - with the hearts and bones!!

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  15. @Arpil
    Thanks! >.< Me too! I'm just so thankful Kristina passed it on to me!


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