BookPics is Curious #1 -Meet El Pulgarcito de América-

I often find myself rambling, either on IMM vlogs or in my reviews or comments or well...anything...I always ramble and have the habit of always using -> ... <- the dots! So this will feature QUESTIONS/ANSWERS/RAMBLINGS of ANYTHING I'm curious or YOU BookPic-Ers might be curious about...Really->from books, book covers, photography, authors, to my mostly unknown country or anything in between. I'll ramble or rant or gush while writing this ones I KNOW I will!

BookPics is Curious: Do you know where I live?
This week was back to school for us here in my country.
~For those of you who don't know 'my country' is 'El Salvador'~
My sister is in cooking school, and a new chef has come to teach them some about his country which is none other that "England" T_T ~melts~
Anyway. My sister asked him why had he chosen to come to our country when there are so many others that have cooking schools way better than ours. He said that he didn't even know our country until he and some other friends did some research of American countries and discovered that ours is one of the 'Most Violent Countries in the Whole World' nope, I'm not kidding.
Sad thing? It's so true T_T. There are several sites on the internet that can verify it most of them are in spanish since our native language is that one, still.
*'Seis de los países más violentos del mundo están en Latinoamérica"-2011 ~spanish~
*Here's also a List of countries by intentional homicide rate
But we're getting out of topic here.
Fast facts not researched but found out just from living here.
-We're tiny
-We don't measure in Feet or Miles nor Fahrenheit.
-We don't get snow.
-The beach is a mere half our drive from the capital.
-We call football what you call soccer.
-We support more spanish 'football-soccer' than we do our own.
-We are forever rivals of Mexicans.
-We had a fight over our 'Typical National' food, PUPUSAS, with a neighbor country.
-There are more
-We don't use our original currency anymore, which was 'Colones' but now we use 'US dollars'.
-We like to speak 'spanglish' a lot!
-We -generally speaking- don't like to read.
-We're known for our 'Hospitality' -Oh the irony!-
-We used to have really famous writers -List- <--there are some missing in there.
-We are, maybe, the only country that eats it's own National Flower.
-We like to eat our mangoes, 'twist style' with lemon, salt, hot sauce and 'aiguashte'
-We are OH SO very proud.
And so many things that I know I forgot to list...

I'd like to show you MY country the way MY eyes see it. 
We are all things weird, all things funny and all things tiny...really people. We are TINY not just the country but the people! 
And what better way to do so than by showing you my pictures of us!
They are random and they aren't professional in the least BUT that's how I see my country, from the inside.

So now I present you, El Salvador. Tiny country best known as: 'El Pulgarcito de América.'

Capital...peace after the storm huh?

We are all mountains and valleys...not many flat land here.

House built to save bricks, people live off of making them.

Yes, people do live like that. This is from the tiny town where my dad grew up in.
We love to visit there, all nature and rough work, from sunrise to after sunset. My dad's neighbor still lives there.

Public schools

Life in the country.
Yes that is a house again.

Near the city. 

Communities Near the city

Mountain Trips

We even have our own legends hehe.
This is the "Guirola" Haunted House(I could only find the info in spanish sorry)'s well known in Santa Tecla.

Place near the beach-Costa Del Sol- called "La Puntilla"

One of our best beaches for surfing. "Playa El Tunco" which roughly translated means "The Pig Beach". The name comes from the form of the rocks which look like a pig belly-up.

This is how one graveyard looks on "Día De Los Muertos/Difuntos."

"La Gran Via" mall. (Another spanish-only link.)

View of an electrical storm from "Los Planes de Renderos."

Our famous "Pupusas"

So we are tiny but big.
We might be violent but we're beautiful too...
Places are so close we must call each other neighbors.

I'll leave you with a picture of ONE bookstore though it isn't the one I commonly visit to get my books but a bookstore nonetheless.

Yes people that IS one bookstore...sad :/

Anyways...I think that's enough...if you ever wonder any other thing about my country or I don't know...anything else you'd like me to post about...that you are CURIOUS about...leave a comment or email me or stalk me on any way you can ;)

~All pictures were taken by me feel free to use them as long as you give the respecting credits~


  1. Love this Post & Love my Country too :D

  2. Wow that are some beautiful places. Thanks for showing them and the facts as well. I would love to go somewhere beautiful with my camera. My heart breaks for you and only having 1 bookstore, that is so terrible!

  3. @Kristina
    *-* thanks!
    Don't mention it! hehehe I felt like letting people know where El Salvador is! ^_^ you will! I mean...yo live in Seattle! ~my all time favorite place to live~
    T_______T we stink at is! But don't worry that's not the one I go to regularly...the one I go to won't let me take a picture!

  4. El salvador 'the savior?

    The pictures are really beautiful, especially the ones of the beach.

  5. @The Librarian
    Yeap, The Savior.

    Oh God that's the best thing you could have said! lol thanks so much!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Oh My Gosh! I love this post!!! Did you take all of those pics?

    1. Wwhy thank you soooo much!!
      I did :) I loooove photopgraphy... specially when taking nature shots :)
      Thanks for stopping by! <3<3


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