Cover Obsession #1

I'm skipping this week's Bookography in favor of;
1. Tomorrow I'll be making a mountain trip and I hope to get some good enough shots for next weeks bookography :D
2. I just HAVE to gush about this cover or better yet, just simply showcase it's hotness...
So, without further ado, I present cover obsession

Borrowed Ember by Samantha Young (Fire Spirits #3)

Excuse me while I drool all over...Yes, as you might know by now, I'm completely addicted and traumatized and simply love these books AND their covers...I'm currently working on my review of book 2 ( Thank You Rachel T_T ) and, YES that IS Jai and OMG I cannot stop's just too...too...too...JAI, freaking clouds in the heavens JAI!
Enough said.
If you haven't read these books yet, please do, I love them and believe me when I tell you; these books aren't like anything you've read before!
Samantha...Claudia...Thank YOU!


  1. Ohhh! That sure is an awesome cover. o.o I've never heard of it before though, but I'm happy you're liking the series! Hope this will live up to its cover. ;)

  2. @Rebecca
    It's HOT! lol and I'm loving the series alright! >.< I hope so too! The first 2 books definitely have. Hope you add them to your tr list :D


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