Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Cover Obsession #1

I'm skipping this week's Bookography in favor of;
1. Tomorrow I'll be making a mountain trip and I hope to get some good enough shots for next weeks bookography :D
2. I just HAVE to gush about this cover or better yet, just simply showcase it's hotness...
So, without further ado, I present cover obsession

Borrowed Ember by Samantha Young (Fire Spirits #3)

Excuse me while I drool all over...Yes, as you might know by now, I'm completely addicted and traumatized and simply love these books AND their covers...I'm currently working on my review of book 2 ( Thank You Rachel T_T ) and, YES that IS Jai and OMG I cannot stop's just too...too...too...JAI, freaking clouds in the heavens JAI!
Enough said.
If you haven't read these books yet, please do, I love them and believe me when I tell you; these books aren't like anything you've read before!
Samantha...Claudia...Thank YOU!

2 comentarios:

  1. Ohhh! That sure is an awesome cover. o.o I've never heard of it before though, but I'm happy you're liking the series! Hope this will live up to its cover. ;)

  2. @Rebecca
    It's HOT! lol and I'm loving the series alright! >.< I hope so too! The first 2 books definitely have. Hope you add them to your tr list :D


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