Cover Obsession #2

Teeth by Hannah Moskowitz
-link takes you to goodreads description-
Seriously? What's NOT to obsess about?
I love how it relates so very very much to the description Hannah gave on her blog post when she released this cover, which is the same as the one goodreads has right now.
But I'm obsessing over this book cover of hers even book because I have never read anything by her, EVER. And all I've ever heard about her books are amazing and good things so you can obviously know why I'm desperate for this one and all her other ones as well.
Have you read anything by Hannah?
Do you recommend?
Any covers you're currently obsessing over?


  1. have not read any by her
    i must i must soon

  2. @Roro
    welcome to the club! hehe yeap, we MUST!

  3. I love Divergent but it's not all good for me :) I want to read but I love him too. I hope I can find a copy of that one soon :)

    I want to join My Reading Pile before but since I'm not good organizing what book I'll be reading next I decided to skip :D


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