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Today we have the lovely Christy on the blog reviewing none other than Jus Accardo's Touch book :D
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Woo-sh. Just finished reading Jus' "Touch". It's one of the books that I read during the study leave of my Advanced Levels to keep me sane from all the stress and frustration.
    Before I actually got the book, I had spend months looking for a bookshop that could place an order on this book for me. No success until January. Then I had waited for a month before the book arrived, and unfortunately for me, the period of no leisure reading kicked in already. But then, I still crumpled to my desire anyway.
    Okay. Time for the book.
    I. JUST. LOVED. IT. The characters, the plot, the language--everything. The plot develops and progresses in a very quick manner. Jus never wastes any breath on unnecessary descriptions or thoughts, making the story extremely fast-paced and an absolute page-turner. So much happens in the course of 251 pages, which I am very grateful for. The rich plot makes it impossible to put down (I mean, I put it down loads of time because I was suppose to be revising, but then I just picked it up again). This isn't the first YA book on supernatural powers (all sorts of them) that I have read across the years, and likewise for an evil father experimenting on his child (que TMI, fandom) and an organization taking over the world. So, what makes this story special? The answer is, the characters.
    Dez is a rebel. Probably the most rebellious YA heroine that I have ever come across. Rules don't apply to her and she is a very spur-of-the-moment person who lives in now. And even better, she is a bad-ass. I mean, come on, who wouldn't fall in love with a character that surprises you all the time? She is fun. She is resourseful. She is kind of irrational but loyal. Isn't she the ideal best girlfriend that every girl wants? But then, to be her BFF you would probably have to be those things too. What she has gone through is what makes her such a unique and strong person. Having no mother to raise her and a father who treats her as if she is some sort of criminal--come on, she has to be strong, because no one would stand up for her. She is on her own. That's why I can't help feeling protective of her, and admiring her at the same time.
    Kale--the hottie that everyone is talking about. He is actually one of the reasons that I wanted to read the book so badly. Most YA novels are for girls (there are books for boys. But then the proportion, y'all know), and hotness is a must for any YA heroes. Trust me, Kale SO has that. YA heroes are, most of the time, perfect to an unimaginable level. Guys that doesn't exist in the real world precisely exist in books, for a reason actually. I am not saying you can find someone like Kale in reality (call me if you can, please). What I wanna say is Kale is not perfect. In a sense, he sees the world in a way too innocent light. Not that he is naive. But his innocence draws readers to what we all miss, sometimes simply because it's complicated. His not knowing about the real world also spices up the story, with jokes and laughters, not to mention those extra-juicy and hot make-out scenes. His not knowing about the real world makes the maternity instinct of us girls kick in.Naturally, we feel very protective of him. Kale is not perfect. Perfect doesn't exist in the real world. See what I am driving at? Jus manages to keep a sense of reality when she's creating Kale, making him more real. Likewise with Dez who screws up quite often. This touch of reality allows Jus' characters to be more relatable, more lovable, and the story more amazing.
    Plot-wise, the Reaper surprise is a really good one, though I guess the Brandt one way ahead of Dez. I am really looking forward to the rest of the trilogy and the novellas since I have absolutely no clue as to how Dez and Kale, together with the other Sixes can fight against Denezan. I mean, it's like an international corporation or something. One more thing, Sixes. Just adore this term. So cute and unique.
    Before I go to bed (I am laying on my bed, typing this up, and waiting to post this online after my exams are over), just wanna say that the book has the nicest cover I have ever seen. Totally adore that texture of the material used (please continue using that, Jus ;), and of course, the model lol
    Can't wait for the rest of the trilogy! x
    Hmm ... this is the first time I guest-review on books. I usually review books on my goodreads page and post links on twitter. And months ago, Alba offered me a chance to do this, which I can't thank her enough. :) Just wanna say that this experience is fun, and I really look forward to doing this again. Review or guest post! Until next time. X

Thanks for the awesome review girl! Now you really have me pinning for this book! ^_^ Hope you had fun over here, until next time.

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