-reaction/review- The Mockingbirds by Daisy Whitney

-But I refuse to go there tonight. I am breaking with the past. I am reclaiming my present.-

I don't know how you did it...but I'm completely speechless and dumbfounded therefore I have NO idea what to write in this review...
Your book was too raw too good too difficult too special to my heart, first because you gave it to me...YOU GAVE IT TO ME OUT OF YOUR OWN HEART T_________T
And second because...I cannot believe this...I thought...Okay...I'll be okay, things like this happen all the time...but then I read the authors note and thought...How in the WORLD? What? Why? How could she write about this...
I think Alex is strong, I think she's the perfect example of what a girl would act like and think like if what happened to her ever happened to her...<--- Does that make sense?

I cried, not in the ending...but in between. When she felt guilty, when she felt cheated, when she felt SHE had let herself down, when the thing she loved the most was what brought her the most pain, when she doubted things she shouldn't be doubting.
I felt claustrophobic in a way I never thought I would, because I KNEW those walls wouldn't close up on me, I new she was wrong in thinking that it was her fault in the first place-Now this sounds like a letter to Daisy but, the heck? hehehe is my "review".

-I lean against the blackboard and kiss him harder, draw his body closer to mine, his jeans against mine, his belt loops against mine. He's mine and I want him and I'm not letting him go.-

I love how the topic of the book came right out, no sweet-coating it not mumbling it...it was what it was, it exists, it happened to Alex, it can happen to any other person in any other school, high school, university, college, take your pick.

Oh, and the writing-But first let me just say I LOVE the tittle for each chapter!-...I felt like when I felt while reading If I Stay by Gayle Forman...I can't believe that such an awful thing could be written so beautifully. I love Daisy's writing, it's so different and had me going back a lot of times, just for the sheer pleasure of rereading a dark but beautiful passage, whether Alex was remembering or Maia was debating or Martin was being so crush-worthy or when Amy was being Amy or when Martin appeared again and talked about barn owls...I LOVED every second of the time it took me to read this book and although I had to put it down for a long time thanks to my review books, I'm so happy I could FINALLY come back and finish the masterpiece that this book is...

-And then I'm somewhere else. My brain goes someplace else, it wanders off because it doesn't want to be here...-

Daisy...if I could even describe what you've done to my heart with this book I don't think I would have rambled all I did as you see. So I'll just thank you from the bottom of my heart and take my hat off.

I give it BookPics special rating 10/5

10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know I was capable of.

Side note 
Special thanks to Daisy Whitney. Thank you so much for not getting mad at me after how much I bug you and stalk you hehehe and thank you so VERY VERY VERY VERY much for the book!! If it weren't for you I wouldn't be writing this-sort of review-right now. So thank you! For...everything.

Another Side Note
Daisy will be part of my blogoversary week! Coming soon!!! And I managed to ask her a few fun questions so her answers will be posted then :D along with mini-little-swag giveaway. ;)