-reread thoughts- My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent

Oh WOW and when I say WOW I mean WOW. Literally.
I can't believe that after such an awful experience rereading My Soul to Save, this one was completely the opposite!

I can't believe how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOVED this book.
Kaylee still has the hero complex but while in MSTSave I hated it, in this one I simply loved it. There really is no other word I can think of right now.

I'm still Team Nash...barely...up until the middle of the book...then I'm Team NOTHING because neither Nash nor Tod earned my trust at the end of this book.

This, for me, is one of the hardest times Kay goes through and I loved that Em has a really strong presence while the story develops as well as Kay's dad...
Have I told you how much I love both Kay's dad & Nash's mom? 
There really aren't many fictional/fantasy parents out there that stick with me even long after finishing the book. They simply rock the plot and add that spice that not many can manage. So, hats off as always Rachel.

The theme of the book, while perceived as drugs and love and choosing between what I want and what I need and dilemas of the like...is a really hard and deep one.
Avary comes full force and he's determined to get Kay at any cost.
Nash is...well. Nash is still being Nash, or so I thought up until...THAT.
My heart is not the same, sadly.
I don't know how many times I've read this book, since it's one of my favorites because it brakes my heart ALWAYS, and it takes me by surprise no matter how 'prepared' I think I am. The decisions made and NOT made are truly the ones that takes us to what we now call...
'If I Die'.
I lost count of the times I gasped and the times I rooted for something that I knew even my rooting couldn't save. I cried while reading about Addy, I smiled while reading about Em, my mind reeled at Scott's and Doug's 'scenes'... And cried again for Nash...
What didn't escape from my notice was that I found myself missing Tod more than I wanted to. And the HUGE sigh of relief when he was finally back on the game, so to speak, felt like betrayal to me, even when I knew...that the circumstances were about to change BIG TIME and not in a good way.

THE ENDING you guys! THE ENDING is just *_* I think my nose is still running from all the crying, it's so embarrassing how much emotions this books bring out of me...

Look at me, teasing you all.
I'll end this saying.
This book reminded me why I LOVE SS in the first place and why I'll always have this books so close to my heart, even if they shatter it to pieces every time I pick up and read them.

-Remember I'm not rerating this books so my rating still stands the same on goodreads-