-review- The Immortal Rules by Julie Kagawa

Once again. Julie Kagawa. Thank you.
--First of all! COVER FREAKING LOVE!!!!--
My insides cannot be called a normal name now. I think I've read enough about blood to last me a lifetime, and still I want more.

Julie's new book is full of vampires, bloods, rabids, and less humans than I could have expected. 
In a world that is no longer ruled my mortals. 
-The leading female character, Allison is so full of hatred for the vampires, she loathes them with all her soul and heart and being. She's a survivor full of hatred...and was and am scared of her since I first met her.
-Kanin is one dark, strong sire. He's the first male character I fell in love with. He seemed ruthless and cold but beneath it all if you squint hard enough...I think you'd see traces of life deep within him...just try to squint in the right direction.
-Then comes Zeke or Zee or...his full name...he is...just...too good to be true, and as Allison says, too good to last alive long enough to lay eyes on the thing he believes in the most, but still...he sees the good in everyone and everything, he fights with all his might for what he believes is worth fighting for and hates with all his might what he believes is worth hating. He's been taught to hate vampires, to kill vampires and to never look back...but that might change, sooner than he expects.
-I'm in love with 2 little characters...~sighs~ They're too cute and felt too real, while reading, that I got attached...I gasped and suffered all the while for them and along with them.
-Oh and the bad guys, people! The BAD guys are BAD really really BAD and thirsty for vengeance and power,blood and cries of pain. 
-And also...there's a cure involved...for what? I shall not tell you...find it out by buying and reading this book as soon as you can!

I don't think I can even describe the whole set and plot of the story because they're not the same while the story progresses. The plot changes, feelings change, souls are lost, people get killed, rabids attack, katanas are used, blood is spilled, food is gathered, fires are started, rain pours, bloody tears are shed, and still...the plot changes and changes...you don't know where Allison will head next, you don't know if she's running away from something or running into something. And I loved it, I loved crying when she cried, loved smiling when she smiled, loved cheering on her-embarrassingly in public, in real life when I didn't even notice people around me-really loud. She's tough and she's really not your typical teen hero either, she's a monster that doesn't want to be one...
Argh now I'm dying for the next book because apparently, Julie wants us hanging on that last page... believe me when I tell you; You'll WANT and NEED the next one as soon as you finish this one.

The book and story flows smoothly from beginning to end, I just found it a bit slow at one point but then realized that those tiny bits of story also had to be told in order to get the whole picture of what's really going on. I just wished my ARC was a printed one instead of an eGalley hehehe to skip the headaches...

What have I said about the COVER having a MEANING to the story? This one does and I cried when the exact scene that you see on the cover was described in the book. It was amazing. 
Also...what have I said about the TITTLE either being mentioned exactly in the book or really represent what the whole book is about? Argh, Julie Kagawa delivers people...the Immortal DO RULE...and you'll wish with all your might that they didn't.

An amazing new -trilogy, I think it's a trilogy- that delivers.
Will have you hanging on it's every word... wanting to know how to dance and kill at the same time.
And...You'll root while wanting to find peace or even a break to take a deep breath...but you won't...it's action packed, fang packed, blood packed, and a bit more...

This girl will defy and fight against her own nature...to fight the worst demons that have ever existed... 
Her own.

I give this book
5fotitos=~sobs hard~too good to be true!

I know you're wondering...where are all the little teasers Alba always puts in between her reviews? Well...it's hard for me when I'm reading an eGalley to take notes if I can't highlight them or make the notes on the eBook itself...besides...all my favorite teasers and excerpts and passages were spoilery...but FINALLY I found one. 
While I still had to take out a little bit it still makes sense...oh and I melted...I melted and melted... I still feel deliciously warm

-"What are you doing to me?" he whispered...."You make me question everything I've learned, everything I know. Truths I've believed since I was a kid, gone."
He sighed..."What's wrong with me?" he groaned, low and anguished. "I shouldn't be feeling any of this. Not for a..."-

This egalley was provided by the publisher through Netgalley in exchange of my honest review. 


  1. Great review, need to sit down and force mine out :)

  2. @Kristina
    Thank you, I'm not too good with my reviews but I try :D
    I know yours will come out great ;)


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