-Blogoversary Guest Post- Author Mia Castile

Oh Clouds! You guys! Guess who is visiting us today?
T_T The author of the very first book I got for review!
Mia Castile author of The Ocean.
You can read my very first requested review HERE.
I don't even know how to introduce her. When I first read the guest post I teared up. So I'll just let Mia do her magic :D

When my debut novel The Ocean came out last spring, I was so green to the writing industry, to the publishing world, to how things worked. In the beginning, all I knew was that I wanted anyone to read my book, my words, and my heart. At the same time I was terrified; to have anyone read my book, my words, and my heart. I managed to convince a couple well respected review blogs to read it, and in the meantime something amazing happened. I connected with a few readers who blew me away with their love of reading, dreams and aspirations. Alba was one of those young people. She was so eager for English novels. Her devotion to reading is inspiring. I am in awe of this young woman. I feel a strong connection with her, just as I have grown in my knowledge and experience, she has too. She has bloomed. I'm not sure if bloggers realize how every review matters. I read every one I get on Goodreads, Shelfari, Amazon, and bn. The author does not survive without bloggers reviewers, and readers talking about their work.

I remember the giddy feeling I had when she posted quotes from my book on her facebook page as she read it, and when she made my cover her profile picture. She posted her review officially, and "the rest," as they say "was history." I also remember when Alba finished The Ocean, and eagerly reading her review. I still read my reviews like that, devouring the readers’ words. Inspiration reveals itself in sometimes the most subtle ways, and sometimes you don't know the impact your word will have on someone. Bloggers are as important to this industry as the writers themselves in my opinion.

See?? THIS is what I was talking about -sniff- I didn't know she was going to make a post like this T_T 
Thanks Mia! For everything :D

Places to stalk Mia
Entwined Publishing

Also. If you want, go ahead and drop by the Blogoversary Post and enter the giveaways.


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