-Blogoversary Guest Post- Grace @Peace, Love, Teen Fiction

Hey guys! Welcome to the first day of the BLOGOVERSARY celebration.
As I said on yesterday's vlog there are going to be a lot of guests on the blog the following days, they all rock my world and have had somehow a huge impact in me as a blogger as reader and even as a person.
First up is the very first person I ever met on the book-network world. 
Actually the story of how I met her is kind of long and embarrassing but let's just say she is one of the very few few few bloggers whose reviews are the ones that make me decide which books to buy, which books to add to my goodreads, and which authors to look out for, you get the drill.
Anyway. She's Grace from the very first facebook page I EVER liked, EVER followed and EVER everything lol;

Thanks Grace for agreeing to this!!!
And for not freaking out, much, because I didn't give you anything specific to write the post about hehehe. My bad. ^___^

Thanks so much for having me on the blog today Alba!  
I've never actually done one of these before, so I apologize if it sucks.  Since you didn't give me a specific topic I've decided to go with meeting people during the course of my blogging career.

When I first started blogging I really knew nothing about it.  I liked to read and decided that maybe if I started a blog (or in my case a facebook page) I would get a few followers.  I didn't realize what how many awesome people I would meet.  
First, all of the authors.  I've met so many of them through twitter, but when I actually get to meet them in person it's 10 times better.  Especially when you've read their books.  When you're a reader and you meet the author of a book you love it's like meeting a celebrity.  Even if you haven't read their book it's so much fun to talk to them about other YA books, and even about their own books.  All of the authors that I've met have been really nice.Followers are really great too. There are those followers that you really connect with.  Sometimes you're even the reason that a follower reads a certain book, and that just makes you feel great!  That's the whole reason I started my blog you know? So that I could talk to other people who like YA books too, and maybe even give them a few suggestions.  Actually, sometimes I think that followers are the best part of being a blogger. I mean, yeah, the free books I get every once and a while are nice, but in my mind connecting with people is even better.Meeting other bloggers is really great too.  Whether it's online or in person I've made some really good friends while blogging.  If they've been blogging longer then you it's nice to pick their brain about the art of blogging, and if they haven't been blogging as long as you it does feel kinda good to give out advice every once and a while. 

I honestly think the best thing about blogging has been meeting all the different people.  You don't need to physically meet a person to connect with them, and all of the friends I've gained though blogging are really dear to me.  

You really have to get into blogging for the right reasons (free books, that's not the right reason).  I started because I loved reading books and I just wanted to share my thoughts on books that I had read.  It really turned into some more, and the people I've met are really cool, because they get me!  

The people may not be the reason I started blogging, but they're definitely one of the reasons I continue to do it!

Thanks so much for this Grace I appreciate it so very very much!! And just thanks for everything ^_^ hope you had a great time as well as all of you BookPic-ERS. Make sure you check out Grace's blog and facebook page ;)

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  1. Grace is so nice, so glad to meet her at local events :)

  2. @Kristina
    Grace is awesome :D

  3. Great guest post :) Its nice to get to know a blogger like this :)

  4. What a great post! I haven't been blogging for that long, but I've already met so many amazing bloggers and authors. It's fantastic! :D

  5. @Nat
    Oh definitely, though she started with a facebook page, just like me.

    Agreed! It's completely amazing!

  6. I have to agree, the best part of this community is the people. I'm not even a blogger but whatever haha. I still have a small group of people I like to call friends :) You included ;)

    All the events she attends *sobs* SO lucky!!


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