Bookography #13

Bookography is a post created by Kristina from Kristina's World of Books. Where you can combine both of my very favorite things in the world. Photography & Books ;) So grab a camera and do your thing. You don't have to be a professional or anything like that. Just share your love of books through a picture and that's it ;)
-She usually posts them on wednesdays~ 
So make sure you stop by her blog and share the love!

No introduction, though I've been thinking that I need to post more pictures than just the one I post while on Wednesdays-yeap I know today's friday hehe-I mean after all the blog IS called BookPICS<--- 
But the thing that's keeping me from doing that is the time it takes to somewhat mark the pictures or watercolor them :/ but there's just so much time I can spend doing sometimes I'll post pictures that say I took them and sometimes not... Now I just have to think of a post name or something to share more pictures with you guys >.<

Here's the pic for today though...
No quote, no editing...
Just look >.<


  1. Hi Alba! Yes I'm commenting for once :O Those are beautiful flowers, where did you take those from? (:

  2. Crazy roses! I have seen some weird color roses, but never rainbow

  3. @Ella
    O_O -gasp- WOW! MIRACLES! lol Well, I told you. My grams got them for last month's mother's day :D
    You can buy a lot of different colored roses :D

    >.< Right?! :D Oh, you can ask for green, black, and all the others you can imagine :D

  4. Wow Alba, those are awesome, although my favorite roses are the white ones and the pink ones :)

  5. @Nat
    lol thanks :D OOOH!! My faves are white too!!!

  6. Pretty roses! I got the same ones after giving birth to Nate! And I got some black ones one time. I loved them. Morbid, I know (:

    1. @tfalick
      Thanks :D OMG!! Really?!!! YEY!!!! I LOVE the black ones >.< Not morbid at all!! Who wouldn't want black... right??? <3333


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