-BookPics is Curious- An Apology to My Precious BookPic-ERS

Guys, I'm freaking out on you because I haven't posted a review in almost a week!
I didn't know I wouldn't be here the last 3 days as much as I always am.
So, the whole point of this short-hopefully-post is to tell you how sorry I am : /

And also to remind you that next week starts the celebration of BookPics blogoversary :D
I'm trying to just make it light and fun :D

-thanks to Andrea for the button-

Isn't the button lovely? I couldn't make one even if my life depended on it.

But back to the point...
Again, sorry for not posting much.
I did continue my new feature with 'Cover Obsession' And I think I'll even make a page about it, make it official...who knows... ¿? Maybe some of you would be willing to join me in obsessing over beautiful covers ^____________^

I'll try my best to finish well, start, my 'Divergent' review.
I haven't been able to stick with My Reading Pile for this week, I haven't finished 'Die For Me' and have only just started 'Lockdown' and gave in and started reading 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and also...I felt like reading a YA contemporary book so I also picked up 'Shooting Stars'... See? I'm not being able to concentrate much but hopefully it will all calm down now that the big holiday that is Mother's Day here has ended...

Also if you haven't read it on My Reading Pile for last week, I'm on an eBook break. Meaning I'm trying not to read ANY eBooks but failing miserably, after all, 50 shades is in eBook format-that's how I won it-but still...that's the only eBook I've read in 2 weeks now and since I'm trying to stick to it I might not be able to read my galley of 'The Girl In The Clockwork Collar' but that's a story for another post.

For now I just really wanted to apologize for the lack of reviews and bookography this week.

Hope you're all reading and enjoying it!

Love you all my beautiful BookPic-ERS



  1. I love the button!!! ^__^ I can't make one like that too!

  2. Gorgeous button. So excited for your blogoversary.

  3. @Blackplume
    Thanks! >.< I can't make blog buttons at all!

    Thank you!!!! And, me too!


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