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~BookPics is Curious~

Forgive me?
Oh Clouds! : /
I think these last few weeks have been full of apologies here on the blog.
But I had promised on the last post to make a quick vlog for the ending of the blogoversary celebration.
And I couldn't do it, thanks to my stubbornness, I decided to quickly<- Notice that I said QUICKLY <- change shelves, and took all my books to the built-in one that's in the house dinning room... let me tell you... I started at 4:30pm and ended at 11:30pm WHERE is the QUICK in THAT?

And instead of going through everything I did to actually make the shelf change and make yo as tired as I ended up. I'll post some pictures so you can get the idea :D

-click images to enlarge-



In Between


All MINE >.<

You can see now that the vlog was a no-go because I was dirty, tired, sleepy, breathless, and everyone at home was asleep and I CANNOT for the love of  all that's holly up on the clouds, be quiet and whispery when talking about books...
Could you even IMAGINE if I did the vlog about the celebration? I think I would have easily learnt how someone feels when one is kicked out of a house :D
Let me explain myself.




But tomorrow is Stacking The Shelves day!!
And I want WANT to do a vlog, because the books I got were AMAZING and I even went off my reading pile to get one of those books read.

So, tomorrow's vlog will have both, me gushing about how lucky I was to have such amazing guests in the 2 weeks that we celebrated the blog's first year & about the books that I got.

On to another curiosity.

Did You See?

Now that I finished, yet another set of apologies and promises T_T
-I think I have issues with compromises-
I'm happy to announce.
BookPics now has...
Blog Button!!!
Thanks to Rose from Rose's Book Corner, for linking me to a site with a tutorial for this.
Sadly I couldn't work out the instructions or I don't know... but thanks to that site I knew how to search on google afterwards.

I played and played some more with the avis and extras that PJ's template includes.
And I know it doesn't look as if it was done by someone who knew what she was doing...
But I think it looks HAPPY and CUTE >.<
And has bookpics and books in it.
As well as...
My expression!!
Don't know what I'm talking about?
Take a look->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Oh my clouds! You guys!! 
I feel all official and fancy now >.< 
I'm so freaking happy you have NO idea!
And over something that to others might not mean the same... I'm just THAT sappy >.<
I might be doing a smaller version with, maybe a different avi and some sort of same colors >.<

What do you think?
I'm as happy as one can get right now >.<
Are you going to be grabbing the blog button?
What about you, my precious BookPic-ERS??

Is there something you're curious about?


  1. Oh woooow!! Your shelf looks great!! Hard-work worth it!! I'm so happy for you Albita :) aaw so cool your button, If I had a blog I'd add it =3

  2. Oh, Alba, I love your post!!! :D

    The shelf looks freaking amazing - soooo much better than before. ;)

    Yay! Super happy you got approved for Demon Eyes!!! Can you feel the envy aura creeping over? ;)

    Oh, and I LOVE your blog button!!! I'll definitely grab it and put it on my blog. I only just did my button 2 weeks or so ago. It might not look like much, but it does take quite a bit of work. I didn't realize that before I started. *lol*

    Anyway!!! Looking forward to your vlog!!! Sorry, I haven't commented more during your 2 week celebration. I've read quite a few of the post, but didn't have time - or energy :/ - to reply. Loved your interviews though!!! :D

  3. @Roro
    Thank you!!!

    @Lissette Martinez
    Thanks :D

    Thank you!!

    YEY! That was kind of the point! So good I actually made it! -along with my sister's help-

    T________T I'm too happy!! Oh yeap... I can feel the aura :D

    *___* Really?? >.< SCORE!!!! Thank you!!!
    I'll have to grab yours too!!! >.<
    It does take work!! >.<

    YEY! It will be up soon >.< I'm uploading the video right now and it takes quite the time ¬_¬ more than an hour T_T.
    Don't worry about it >.< <3333 Thanks for reading them though :D


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