Cover Obsession #3

Cover Obsession is a feature here on BookPics.
-I really don't know if anyone else does it as I do but I'm not trying to steal any other ideas out there-
In which I tell you what new book covers I'm completely in love with, pinning for, drooling over, tearing-up over, going all OH CLOUD! on and all the other AMAZING-FANTASTIC-AWESOME-BOOKPIC-LY verbs and adjectives and adverbs you can think of that just simply aren't enough to describe how I feel towards said covers so, 
I just go ahead and OBSESS over them :D

There have been so many Book Cover reveals this week not to feature more than one today, so... 
Here I go;

The first cover I saw last week and that had me obsessing over it was this one,

Outpost by Ann Aguirre -Razorland #2-
Do you see what I see??
I see obsession over eyes and black gloves all over, that's what I see ;)

The Lies That Bind by Lisa & Laura Roecker -The Liar Society #2-

I had never felt that much inclined to read the books, but after this cover came out featuring this girl's awesome hair? I took a new obsession over trying to get them and read them when I can!

Just WOW WOW and WOW!
I own the first book, as a miracle happened and the book came to my country but I cannot believe how AMAZING this cover is! I'm really just obsessing over the, tittle, color, wings and contrast...I'm in love!

Fuse by Julianna Baggott -Pure #2-

I asked Jennifer how in the world she got so lucky with all her book's covers??? Even the novellas's ones are completely GORGEOUS!
I'm obsessing over the simplicity yet beauty of this cover.

Elixir by Jennifer L. Armentrout -Covenant #3.5-

Do you even have to ASK the whats and whys of my obsessing???
Even though I haven't read it, I LOVED book #1 cover, and I'd happily go and buy this book based on the cover alone!

Girl of Nightmares by Kendare Blake -Anna #2-

I am...rendered speechless...once again.
I was a huge fan of the cover for book #1 though I haven't read Legend, but this??
I love when covers are like this! Specially if there's a lot of black in it...
simple yet enthralling. Another book I'd buy based on cover alone...
but really...I'm obsessing over the blue...

Prodigy by Marie Lu -Legend #2-

Last but not least;

I just HAD to put this one on center...
You see...I've been obsessing over Incarnate's book cover ever since Jodi made the cover reveal...and I have this deal with her...that I'm completely married and devoted to her cover but that Elana Johnson's Possession book cover would be my lover...
Apparently, I never planned on loving the sequel to Incarnate as much -or even more- as I did the first one, it completely slipped my mind and I wasn't planning on having a cover for book 2 so soon!!
ANYWAY...I've talked and confessed my feelings to Jodi and we came to an understanding.
Now I can have my mind at ease...
Seriously though...tell me ONE thing not to obsess over???
Jodi said the same model is going to be starring on the 3 book covers >.< Excited now!
And most of you BookPic-ERS know that one of my weaknesses when reading a book is when the cover of the book itself has a REAL MEANING to the STORY...and having read Jodi's post...I couldn't be happier.

Asunder by Jodi Meadows -Incarnate #2-

Any book covers you're currently OBSESSING over?


  1. I dont think there is a cover there I dont like!!!Asunder is so pretty, really eye catching colors. I love Girl Of Nightmares cover. Love the red. Fuse is awesome, I just got Pure today so Im excited to start that series. I have the first The Liar Society and I have to say love the color of her hair!! Outpost is so spooky and on my wishlist even though the first scared me (Im a wuss!!). Elixir is really simple but I really like it and Prodigy is the same, simple cover but intriguing. I have the UK edition of Legend though so I cant wait to see what they come up with.

  2. @Nat
    hahaha ~score!~
    I LOVE Asunder!
    I haven't read Enclave but definitely agree with Outpost's cover being spooky.
    :O Really?
    Well, crossing my fingers so that the UK gets an amazing Prodigy cover as well :D

  3. @Roro
    That makes 2 of us :D

  4. Bahah I was scrolling down and in my head going "oooh, OOOOH, OOH" louder as the awesomestest covers appeared! :D Girl of Nightmares is one of my favs ever bc I have a thing for red! And Fuse if fabulous I'm super excited fro that book!

  5. @Giselle
    >.< lol I didn't actually thing you'd stop by hahaha good to know there are others loving these covers as well!
    Really? >.< Red huh? :D
    I was excited when they said they'd be retouching the cover for Girl Of Nightmares to fit it to Anna's a little more XD I think they did an AMAZING job!
    Agreed Fuse is awesome! I hope I read my copy of Pure soon :D

  6. Those are some awesome covers! I really like Prodigy, I enjoyed bk 1 a lot

  7. I have the first book in the Razorland but haven't read it. That cover is super creepy but I like it.

    I adore The Lies That Bind cover, first time I saw it I was drooling (not really!) looooove love the combination of colors.

    I really like the Girl of Nightmares cover. Less red than the first one I saw. And kinda creepy.

    Prodigy too!! Love the colors but I don't the cover for book #1.

    And the last one, I'm in love with those covers, gorgeous!!! I want them all!!! haha Yeah go figure.

  8. @Kristina
    ~sorry~ Missed your comment yesterday :D
    I have't read Legend but LOVE this cover :D

    Really? I thought it'd come here but it never did...I love the creepiness of the cover :D

    ~high fives~ I couldn't stop looking at the blue!

    Me too!! Though I also liked the other one.

    >.< Really? hehehe I did enjoy the first book's cover but well I don't actually OWN a copy so don't know how it is IRL

    I KNOW!!! Jodi has completely scored BIG with her covers so far!


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