My Reading Pile #12

My Reading Pile #12 

My reading pile is an idea created by Fiktshun in which you share what your reads for the week are or well the wishful reads-rereads-rerereads and well you get the hint. Check her blog out, I've self-declared myself her #1 Stalker/Follower.

MRP progress & status:
-Oh boy, I've been a bad girl.
I knew everything was going too perfect and too good to be true.
I didn't finish ANY of the books I planned to, I didn't even manage to open the first 'Sookie Stackhouse' book nor finish 'Die For Me'. THAT'S how bad I've been. Though I did manage to start the first 'Escape from Furnace' book which, by the way, scared the clouds out of my little sister. I read the first pages out-loud to her at night...
I apologized earlier this week for the lack of posts and reviews. This week has been, literally, AWFUL. Actually. MAY has been awful, so many bad things have happened here and I've been struggling so hard and so much to try and just escape them all with my precious books, but even them couldn't do so this week.
BUT. I AM having a long weekend since Mom's day is a HUGE holiday here! So I got to drive my mom crazy for a while ~winkwink~
Again, I apologize for not being here doing what I love most and sharing that love with you guys!

(I'm still trying to write my Divergent review :D )

This Week I'll Be Reading:
-Besides last week's books, I'll be adding 2 books this week. Bot I've already started, since I wanted to just really have a good laugh after all the crappy-ness.

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James -Fifty Shades #1-
Right? I'm crazy, I've gone over the sane road, I've I don't know haha.
BUT. I AM reading it so that's that.
I won this in eBook format such a long time ago...I kind of had forgotten I owned it in the first place.
But I'm 40% done and I've done nothing but laugh and giggle and well blush, because I am such a HUGE, literally, HUGE fan of the Twilight saga and well I started this book being all wary and stuff but now I'm so happy I did. The book has taken me out of sad and foul moods this week.

Shooting Stars by Allison Rushby
I'm only like 20 pages or so in but this book is so cute and funny! >.< I'm already intrigued with this Ned superstar and Zo Jo pap ~winkwink~

That's it for me!

What are YOU guys reading this week?


  1. I don't think I will ever read 50 Shades of Gray, I don't know it isn't seeming like my cup of tea.

    You need to read Die for Me and Lockdown. I still need to finished bk 3 and 4 in that series, but my reading pile hasn't allowed for it yet.

    I can't wait to start my next read Shadow Rising by Kendra Leigh Castle, I love all her books and I'm so excited she sent me a review copy.

    Just finished Of Poseidon and wow was that one amazing! So far I have read 2 of the 4 Fierce Reads tour authors and I'm impressed and looking forward to the next two.

    I hope you get back into reading after your done spending time with your mom. I don't even get to see my mom on MOthers Day (tomorrow) I have to work and she is going up to my aunts house (1.5hrs away)with all the rest of my family, hopefully we can do something later in the week.

    Happy reading

  2. Oh sorry May has been so terrible for you Alba. I hope you get out of your reading funk. I've been in a bit of a funk too so I know how you feel. :(

    I hope the rest of the month gets better. With everything. Not just reading. :)

    I hadn't heard of your second book, but that first book is one I can never ever read. Just checking out Parajunkee's posts about it made me so mad about the writing. If I could get a laugh out of it I would have read, but the poor writing is just a huge no for me.

    I hope you don't continue to scare your sister with Lockdown!

  3. @Kristina
    lol I never thought I'd read it but well I figured, I already own the book what can I lose hehe :D

    I need to finish both books! Agreed!

    Oh! Hope you enjoy Kendra's book! So excited for you! Congrats!! >.< she sent you a review copy ~throws confetti~

    OMG!!! Don't tease me! I want that book so bad!!

    I hope so too.
    :( bummer.

    It's been awful, literally. I hope so too :/ I'll fight off your funk thing anytime -_-

    T_T Thanks.

    lol oh check it out :D It's really cute so far >.<
    Oh God, after yesterday's twitter convo I know how even continuing the reading of a paragraph of 50 shades can get you...kind of..passionate hehehe.
    I'm really laughing tons with it though :D So I'm actually glad I picked it up.

    Lol, don't keep those hopes up. She loves it when I read to her and if that's the book I -haven't specifically chosen to read at night- have when I go to bed...sorry for her :D

  4. You are not the only one!!! I haven't read much books lately too =( My routine is changing lately since I move in a new place. I'm not getting much time for my reading =( I only finished two books this month so far. The Selection and Insurgent!

    I hope I can pick up my usual reading speed soon! I'm missing a lot of books!

    These two books above are in my TBR too but I'm not sure when can I get start reading them.

  5. @Blackplume
    T_T what is it about May then? hehe
    Hope you get into your usual reading speed soon!

    And I really am wishing you can read these books as well as all the others that are waiting there on your shelves :D


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