Quick Thanks

Just wanted to make this post to thank Taschima from
Bloody Bookaholic.
She made THIS post yesterday and I immediately,
1. Found a new book site to stalk &
2. Fell completely in love with the mini banners, mini buttons, mini stickers...you name it.

Now you'll find on the bottom of the blog my list of the teams I'm completely devoted to hehehe from Twilight to The Mortal Instruments...I loved the little things >.<
And they're the creation of the new site FOR ME, I'm Loving Books.
And I think they accept requests? I'm not sure but you have to make sure you're requesting teams for love triangles...here's the page for more info-> Team Stickers <-

That was it!
Thank you again Taschima ^_^

^_^  Alba


  1. Oh my, I just took a quick peak, and gosh, there are some awesome team stickers - Team Tod, of course, and Team Stark and oh, so many more. I'll have to really look tomorrow and pick some out. :D Thanks so much for sharing this, Alba!!! :)

  2. @Ina
    I know right?
    haha don't thank me but they were too cute not to thank Taschima for showcasing them on her blog post ^_^


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