-review- Easy by Tammara Webber

I tried my best, beautiful people. 
And I hope that I made a good-enough review. 
Forgive me if I didn't.

My lips were sensitive and tingly. Touching them brought rushes of gooey memories-his hands, and what they'd done in concert with his mouth-the crazy-making kisses, and the few words he'd spoken. 
You're so beautiful.

Note-This is a matureYA book.
I wish I could tell you exactly how this book will make you feel.
I wish I had words beautiful enough to describe it.
I wish I knew more english words than I know now to detail just how the writing of the story got to me.
I wish I could warn you of the many times my heart felt squeezed so tight I thought it might explode.
I wish I had written down all my favorite passages but that would mean writing down the whole book again.
I wish I could sit here and pretend to be able to sell you the book I think every single person out there needs to have.
I wish upon the stars that I could be wherever Tammara Webber is and be able to thank her personally for writing this book.
I wish all of you could have watched my expressions for the whole time it took me to read this book.
But besides wishing...
I hope
I hope that all of whom read this book gets if just a little, touched and encouraged to buy and read it.
I hope you can get to love it.
I hope you can get to connect in ANY way.
I hope you smile.
I hope you speak up.
I hope you tear up.
I hope... I hope... I hope...

"I want to see your tattoos."

When I opened the eBook on my kindle for PC... I didn't expect that this book would instantly make it to my 2012 favorite reads. But not only did it made it to the 2012Fave list it's now on my favorite reads EVER.
Jacqueline-I refuse to call her the other name-is an incredible character, scratch that, it's an AMAZING and the perfect main character for 'Easy', I cannot believe how a relate-able character she was during my reading, whether you relate to her case with -Buck- or her relationship with her family or her relationship with Erin or Maggie or her relationship with -K- or her relationship with 'L1' or 'L2' there are lots of moments, lots of times, lots of scenes where any girl can relate to her... I love her, I simply simply love her. And most of all, she was real. I could always picture her. Tammara's writing made me live each and every single second of the book as if I was the main character and not her.
I got to hate the people Jacqueline hated, I got to fall in love with the man she falls in love with, I got to have 2 amazing best friends, I got to experience horrific moments but also moments so sweet and intense that I had to take little breaks in order to get my breathing return to normal and reduce the flush on my cheeks, I got to fight with her, I got to laugh out loud and receive weary looks from my family because of it, I got to attend parties-something I'm not really inclined to while IRL- I got to be playful, to learn a few self-defense kicks... Oh my cloud! I got to do EVERYTHING she did.
And that wouldn't have been possible if not for Tammara's incredible-amazing-beautiful-genius writing.

"Well, hacking up a lung out in public isn't all that attractive-just sayin'."

While, as I said before, I wish a lot of things-one of them being able to write a good enough review, a review that could give you even a hint as to what this book is about-I simply cannot make myself describe it nor resume it.
Diving into this story head first with little idea as to what it's about is one of the best things that could have happened to me.

So, I plead to you. Please read this book.
Because I can assure you won't regret it and you will be going back to read it all over again once you finish it.

And afterwards... you WILL see...
*That you HAVE to speak up. NEED to speak up.
*That you're not alone-never, I will never get tired of saying this,
*That it's amazing when you find out how strong we women can be.
*That you CAN and WILL get over it.
*That time passes and the past passes...
*That it's NOT your fault.
-And because I'm a hopeless romantic I couldn't miss telling you...
*That love can heal even the most horrible wounds. It might leave scars but those are way better than an open bleeding wound.

"What kind of university employee would I be, to encourage you to skip class the last week of the semester?"

As is expected of Tammara, the 2 weaknesses I have were completely exploited in this book. The cover goes AMAZINGLY well with the story & with both main characters :D And...
The TITTLE! Oh my clouds!!!! The tittle is PERFECT it's such a contradiction yet so fitting for the story I'm not going to even PRETEND to explain it, I'll let the book do that for you. Though beware because it's IN the book as much as it is ON it.

I give this book
10special-fotitos(special rating for over-the-top-I'll-never-get-over-this book) =
I cried for things I didn't know possible I was capable of.



  1. Wow this sounds amazing and you're the 2nd person to write suck wonderful reviews i'm definitely getting this one! It's hard to write reviews for books like this where it's a better story when you know almost nothing about.

  2. I've read only great things about Tammara and her writting.
    But I knew I wanted to read this book the second I read the synopsis and now because of you I want it even more ¬¬ Not fair!

    I love that is mature YA!! I don't think I have read mature YA (not that I know of at least haha).

    Great review! ;)

  3. @Giselle
    It IS amazing :D OMG!! Thank you-hope you meant such' and not suck'-It was really hard to write but I was inspired by the beauty of the book :D Hope it came out good.
    Happy Reading!

    @Ana Lucia
    SCORE!!! That makes me so happy!!! You definitely need this book!

    It IS mature, no question about it :D I think I've only read one before...I THINK heheh don't know if 'Dark Song' can be considered matureYA but it sure was a rough read :D

    Thank you so much!


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