Armchair BEA-Ask The Experts?

Oh my cloud!
Is it friday already?! I can't believe it! This week has flown by without my permission!

This week has been an AMAZING one for me. I can't believe how many book blogs are out there!
Guys!!! I'm so happy I'm not a hard person to convince or to talk-into something!
Thank you Rachel!!!
I wouldn't have taken part into Armchair BEA if not for you! Yet another thing added to things you've done for me.

I've loved so much getting to stalk new blogs, taking a different route and checking out sites I didn't even know existed. 
Reading new posts by people I didn't follow before was such a rush and such a fresh thing to do I felt all giddy and happy inside!! >.<

But it's time to post what's designated for day 5 of the ABEA!
I'll say goodbye later on...tomorrow maybe? lol


Asking the experts...
Ask the visitors to your blog for blogging advice. What did you always want to know about blogging but were afraid to ask?

I don't think I've ever been afraid to ask a blogging question, as long as I know who I am asking it to :D

But just yesterday I got a comment on a post and I wondered what you guys might think about just that!


What do you guys think of VLOGS taking more and more part and even in some, center stage, on the blogosphere?

I, for one enjoy A LOT, making and recording the weekly vlogs for the Stacking The Shelves posts and I enjoy even more watching other blogger's vlogs.
But I got suggested to not only do the ones to showcase the books I've gotten over the week but to start making yet, another weekly one with random book topics, say like; book covers, an specific book discussion, a book we're all impatiently waiting for... You get the idea...

Would people watch it? Would YOU my beautiful BookPic-ERS enjoy that?

I know I'd love to make them, even though I'm really nervous once I'm on camera... I also know if another blogger did it I'd try it out and watch it ^_^ more so if it's a topic I'm interested in...

So I'm asking both, the 'Experts' ~lol >.< I love that word! Sounds funny when I say it~ and my followers! I know I blog and vlog for fun and because I love it and books! But I also wouldn't want to post things that would make people stop visiting or run away from my site just for it... :/ Oh! The perks of loving your followers ~huggles followers~

Another thing we could share on today's post!

Giving advice myself
Share your experience and wisdom with others.

-Getting a little serious here-
I am in NO way an expert on blogging, I don't think I ever will be... It's a constant learning process.
But I think that I've learned quite a few tips from the awesome bloggers that I follow and that I think have helped me out a lot and that have influenced me and my blog in becoming what it now is :D
Now I'm more than happy to pass them on to you too;

1. Be yourself. Really? Who else would you want to be if not you?

2. Act according to every situation. There are times that ask of you to be fun, happy, all joyous and even funny. But there are times that you'll have to be serious, you'll have to act and write and be professional. So remember that!

3. Respect each other. Not everyone likes the same genres, not everyone loves the same books. What I call a 10/5 book another can call a 1/5 book but that doesn't mean I have to go and lash out at the person whose opinion was different from mine. 
Also, be respectful with publishers, bloggers, authors, followers, people who comment. Always ALWAYS respect. You wouldn't like anyone being disrespectful to you on your own blog post or on your own review/post on goodreads or even on twitter, would you?

4. If you have widgets or adds or any other thing on your blog that has audio? TURN IT DOWN or better yet, OFF. I learned this the hard way hehehehe. 
I used to have a countdown widget for a book last year that had automatic-audio play, when suddenly people started to tell me that they got scared or surprised or even one told me the audio had been so high when she visited my blog, that she had to take a moment because it had HURT so bad and she couldn't hear for a couple of seconds afterwards. 
Remember, turn it OFF or DOWN-if that's even possible.-

5. TRY to get out there. 
What do I mean? Twitter/Facebook/Goodreads/Tumblr :D I've met some great people thanks to all of them and I don't regret it! Plus, more ways to stalk you know? ^____^

6. Not, under any circumstances steal an idea, copy/paste a review from another blogger... Please just DON'T you can be original on your own remember? :P ~I have a really awesome button, regarding this topic, on the sidebar that you can steal~

7. Try to answer/reply to as many comments as you can! 
If people took the time to read AND comment on a certain post of yours I think it'd be only right to reply. And if you don't have enough time a simple 'Thank you for stopping by' or 'Thanks for the comment' might do it. People don't like to feel or be ignored...

8. Have freaking FUN!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVEEEEEEEE blogging! I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the people I've 'met' I LOVE AND ENJOY AND SMILE tons while doing this!
~remember to click for larger image~

See? Even Cassie takes the time to joke with us!!! -evil laugh-

And as I've said before! The day I stop enjoying myself with this, is the day I'll stop doing it!
What's the point if you're always going to be fighting? Depressed? Complaining? Stressing out?
Remember! You have TIME! You have regular followers that understand you! Do a fun post, do a venting post, do ANY post to get all the bad and sad vibes out! And then pick yourself up, move on... and continue to enjoy the AMAZING community that book-blogging is!!
And just for fun I'll throw in yet, ANOTHER fun pic,

-I found it randomly from share to share on facebook so I don't know who to credit! If the picture is yours tell me so I can give you your respective credits! Same with the screencaptures above-

That's it for me!!!
Any tips you want to share?
Any questions you want answered?


  1. "And as I've said before! The day I stop enjoying myself with this, is the day I'll stop doing it!"

    That to me is the most important thing. :)
    I've said it earlier this week but I love reading your posts. It's sort of like having a fun conversation with a friend. You just seem to happy and because of that I have a smile on my face when I'm reading.

    As for Vlogs? I don't watch very many. that's mostly because I do my blogging and reading of blogs whilst I'm watching TV with my house mates. And then when I go back to my room later I'm usually either asleep or just forget to watch the videos I've seen. I really should bookmark them... :P

    - Kate

    1. Agreed!

      Kate!! you have officially made me cry T_T
      Thank you so VERY much!

      oh hehe thanks for the feedback too! On the vlogs :D

  2. Great post Alba! I've gotta work on my blogging more often. I'm just never sure what to write. (Not very creative lol)

    1. Thanks Rose, and don't worry. It's not necessary to post on a daily basis. Just be sure that you love what you're posting :D
      And you can post anything! Is your blog after all!

  3. is it too late for me to join armchair BEA?! I'm missing the opportunities to share my thoughts like this!:D

    Anyway, I'll just write them in here. I agree with everything you point out in your blogging advice! As I said in my tweet awhile ago you remind me again of all my responsibilities as a blogger! Thanks for that I need to push myself to write more reviews.

    I will definitely continue watching it your vlog! I really admire your guts making those video post. I think I can never do that! I don't have the nerve to sit in front of a camera & talk! I'll freak out for sure :D

    1. lol never too late Maricar :D NEVER! hehehe

      ^_^ heheheeh is that a good thing? hehe you are MORe than welcome!

      Oh thanks! :P hehehe I'm actually completely nervous...I think my lower limbs numb out when the camera starts rolling hehehehe :D

  4. All great pieces of advice!

  5. I'm not a big fan of vlogs. Because I live out in the middle of nowhere, we don't have very fast internet. (Horror!) It's faster than dial-up, but still is slow enough it takes A LOT of effort to watch one 3-4 minute vlog. I typically don't watch them. Or I'll watch a bit and skip forward. I'm bad, but it takes way too long for me.

    Totally agree with your list!

    1. Awwwww T_T I'll consider this! Thanks so much for commenting!!


  6. LOVE your advice on not plagarizing! I mean it should be common sense, but sadly it was kind of an issue this year. Tsk tsk.

    As for your question about vlogs: This is the first time I've been to your blog (hi!) but I say that as long as you have something interesting to vlog about, go for it! With adding another weekly feature you run the risk of eventually running out of anything to really say, so maybe only do extra vlogs when you have something you really really want to say.

    Happy ABEA!

    1. Thanks! Agreed, wish we didn't have to 'advice' people not to do it you know?

      ~hi back~ True, that sounds great! Thanks for the feedback!!

  7. getting replies from your favorite authors is really a fangirl's happy pill. I remember getting my first. It's in my happiness jar. :)

    Dropping by from Armchair BEA!

    -Len of Musings of a Reader Happy

  8. Personally I don't watch Vlogs, I don't have time. I've made a few video reviews, mostly because I hear that is popular with the teens, but I'd rather read them myself.
    Check out my Day 5 post if you’d like

    1. Oh, thanks :)
      I didn't know vlog reviews were popular with teens though :D thanks for the feedback!

  9. Best advise ever is to have FUN blogging - you rock girl. Nice talking to you at the twitter party last night.

    Got stuck in a book and dropped out. ;)

    Thanks for participating!

    Here's my experts say post


    1. >.< I know right? If you're not having fun then why do it??? >.<
      ~blush~ Thanks so much :'( You too!!! OOOOH so THAT'S where you went!! I was on twitjail :'(

  10. Very good tips, especially being respectful. So important to remember.

    As for vlogs, I don't really watch them. I can read a post a lot faster than I can watch a video (since I read much faster than people tend to talk), and I also have little kids running around and don't want to play something with audio when I have NO IDEA what's going to be said and what interesting new words and phrases my kids will overhear. But I know lots of people love them!

    Great post! Thanks for stopping by my Armchair BEA Ask the Experts post.

    1. ^_^ thank you!

      Oh wow I agree with that :D though I meant blogging about books-only and for me, that means ONLY books. But thanks for the opinion :D

  11. I really like vlogs, but I don't like them everywhere because they take so much time. I would probably comment on even less blogs as a result...

  12. Vlogs are fun! I watch them quite often because I love seeing the person behind the blog, and the passion that people have for books is awesome and they make the blogger much more memorable, especially when their personalities really shine through. (And I like making them too!).

    Having fun is THE most important thing about blogging - otherwise why are we doing it?!

    1. Good to know you like them!! :D I like that exact same thing too!! I love remembering that I'm actually talking to a person from who has a face from time to time :D

      ~blush~ Oh noes! I take it you haven't seen any of my vlogs then?
      -if you make vlogs you definitely should link me to them! I like watching!-

      Thanks for dropping by!

  13. I really wish I could muster the courage to do a vLog. I think I'll be making a fool out of myself. It seems that I'm not that fluent in english lol but I think vLogs are getting more popular, I hope to do a vLog someday if I find the partner to talk to :P

    Sharing things to other people is totally A+ advice. Be yourself is definitely a must. Respect yes yes!
    Audio I agree! especially auto play. Networking via Twitter and Facebook!

    Lovely tips Alba! Much love!

    We Fancy Books

    1. :D
      Anyone can vlog :D trust me! I'm the worst shy person in the whole world :D
      ^_^ I can be someone to talk to!!!!! tell me when you decide to make one!!!




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