Armchair BEA-More Than Blogging

Hey my beautiful BookPic-ERS!!
Today's topic for ABEA was one I know next to nothing about T_T
So I thought I wouldn't be posting anything... Until... I got an idea while talking to some online friends :D
But I thought this up too late :( 
And I figured...well last month while doing the blogoversary giveaways and stuff, most people said they liked my vlogs :D I think it's because I get so nervous and look like I'm almost always on the verge of tears T_T. The point is, one of my trademarks are my rambling vlogs.

 I made a mini-vlog, I think this is the shortest video I've ever made...
But here it is...
Sorry if it stinks though :/ I was so nervous just thinking that more people than the usual would be watching it-I hope-and sister had a friend over so I was nervous she was listening to me speak english T_T
And before I embarrass myself more than necessary...

-you have to turn the volume a bit high you guys :'( 
this just doesn't seem like a good idea now that I'm posting it-


  1. It doesn't stink! Your English is just fine :-)

    Great post! Here's my Beyond the Blog post.

    1. Lol :D Thank you, it's just that the quality of the video isn't good :( and the audio DID was too low :( I should have recorded it with my camera instead of using the laptop's one :D

  2. Vlogs are now a standard for blog owners, a standard that I can't meet. I am technology challenged. Maybe you could do a vlog of the week or a daily vlog on a topic you like or hate. Be creative!

    1. >.< Oh I am NOT an expert in technology either! I'm completely simple! hehehe I record and upload :P end of things :D
      I might start doing just that! Thanks for the idea :P


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